Prologue: The Meeting

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Martina Bay, 1867

Godrik Karlson smiled at the group his company of friends. A dozen people, most supernatural stared at him; stone-faced and grey, cold eyes. He sauntered to the platform in the town hall and opened out his arms as if to embrace somebody.

"Welcome! Friends, allies, acquaintances! Even enemies! You all know why I've summoned you all here on this October night!" Godrik greeted in a fake happy voice; in his clear English accent. His hair fell to his shoulders, sandy dirty-blond hair that was pushed behind his ears; revealing cold icy eyes that stared at his company of people with the promise of death. There were five vampires present, including himself; Godrik. Annabelle Knowles, his most faithful vampire was stood closest to him, her dark brown hair falling down her back in wavy locks. Alexia Portridge, (the selfish vampire), previously Alexandra Portari in her young vampire day, stood at the back, her nose wriggling as if there was an awful smell in the air. Alexia did anything to get what she wanted. Markus Cartwright, the vampire that was basically a slave to Alexia, stood behind the trio of witches, who looked way too wary. He wore his suit, pretending he didn't hate Godrik like all the rest of them; expect for Annabelle. Talia Savannah was leant by the wall, staring at Godrik suspiciously. The three witches that were present were close together, afraid the vampires would devour them if they took down their guard. Not too far from them, stood the four werewolves, who were clearly holding in their anger. This amused Godrik.

"We have gathered here- may I remind you- to discuss the future of Martina Bay!" Godrik said. Martina Bay- supernatural central. "As you all know, Martina Bay is an ancient sacred town. Ley Lines are located here in Martina Bay. Ley Lines, are mystical energy; of three or more ancient spiritual locations, in our case, around the town, creating the linking Ley Lines.. The witches are more powerful here than other places as they can draw the power from them-"

"Then why are vampires here!" A witch snapped. She had pale skin and ruby red hair, freckles were dotted over her tiny face. Despite her timid look, Godrik could sense her power.

"The Ley Lines draw all sorts of supernatural here. Vampires and other supernatural come here for the same reason; the power. Mystical things happen here; in the underground tunnels of Martina Bay, lies some powerful crystals and ancient stones, at night, every four years on the 29th February, all supernatural that has been killed or met their demise return for 24 hours, and they can roam freely Martina Bay-"

"Please, get to the point!" Talia groaned, running her fingers through her hair. Godrik stopped and stared at the vampire. She was barely two centuries old. Surely she should have learned who he was?

"Patience is the best policy." With that, Godrik rushed towards Talia, his body blurring as he moved across the room in vampiric speed. He clamped his hands around Talia's throat and pressed her against the wall. She struggled under his grasp, whimpering under his stare. Godrik smiled at her without shame, broadening his mouth to reveal some long, curved sharp fangs. With his free hand, he picked up the broom and snapped it in half. He raised the sharp splintered half and plunged it into Talia's chest.

There were a few gasps throughout the hall; probably the witches. Talia gasped along with them, dropping to her knees. Her face had changed from full of colour to pale and finally, to grey. Her brown eyes diluted into an icy cloudy grey and her skin began to mummify, her skin cracking and sagging. Then it exploded into flames and all that was left of her was a pile of ashes.

"Oops." Godrik muttered and clapped his hands together. "Anyway, I was saying... Ley Lines run under this town, drawing all kinds of supernatural here. The future of this town depends on us. The witches apparently own and protect this town, as they're the founders."

"Apparently?" A brown haired witch repeated in disbelief. She had caramel coloured skin with warm eyes that you could dream into.

"I'm sorry to say, I own Martina Bay now, witches. I will use this town for my own purposes." Godrik explained with a sinister smile. The three witches tensed up, ready for battle.

"Over our dead bodies!" The blond witch hissed, un-clenching her fingers.

"Your dead bodies? That can be arranged... But it would be so much easier if you be good little witches-"

Godrik couldn't finish. The red headed witch waved her hand through the air and muttered, "Ignis."

The witches hand was suddenly coated in fire, sparking dangerously. That's when Godrik's face turned darkly serious.

"You threatened me, witch?" Godrik snarled, revealing his fangs. The red head raised her chin high in the air and Godrik fell to his knees, groaning in pain.

"We own this town. We will protect it." Red head shouted and the candles around them grew brighter as the flame rose twice as high. Godrik recovered and shot towards the witches in vampiric speed.

"Stop." The brown haired witch said clearly and waved her hand through the air. The air rippled and Godrik stumbled back against an invisible barrier, which only made him angrier. He punched at the invisible wall several times, anger raging though him. His attacks on the shield actually physically pained Maria, the brown haired witch. The blond threw out her hands and muttered a few words. In result, Godrik fell onto his back and when he looked up, the witches were gone.

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