Chapter 5

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Andre's POV

Kelly went to dance with Ky marissa's date and Kymari was in the bathroom getting heads from Kelly's sister kiana. She sucked like 15 niggas dick and expect to suck mine hell naw. I walked out. I saw marissa on the dance floor with jay but not Joe. I walked to them and jay dapped me. I asked marissa for joe but she haven't seen her. I went around and around looking and asking for her but no-one seems to know. I gave up and went outside. I saw a ton of couples kissing and shit but I still haven't seen Joe. I stood to the top of the entrance stairs looking to see if I saw Joe . Then one of my nigga Kyle came to talk to me.

"Wassup le!" I said

"I'm heading to the bathroom to get head from Kelly's sis kiana ma nigga! What about you!" He said

"I'm looking for Joe. And ma nigga kiana sucked like 15 nigga the last time I check so if you go now you might be the 23 or so!" I said

"Dahm that's a lot but my girlfriend ain't tryna suck me so imma go to kiana. You Joenellia Ko!" He said

" Yeah Joenellia, you see her!" I said

"Yeah she over there for a while now but I heard you got a crush on her and she ain't taking you on!"

"Kyle! You serious. You remember the times when I call her hoe and shit and she fight me and still beat the hell out of me and you expect her to take me on."

"Yeah nigga you right. Wait you remember the time she came by the crew and slapped all of us and spit in our faces for laughing at her hazel eyes and puffy hair!" He said laughing

"Yeah and don't forget the whopping our asses in basketball."

"Yeah dude, she prolly the hardest chick I've ever met in our years. Well if you get her hold on because she is a real good girl." He said

"I know but I can't even have a good conversation with her. When I get around her I just get jittery and frighten plus my stomach goes in knots like I don't know!" I said

"That's when you in love!" he said high -5ing me.

"What ?"

"You in love with her. The knots in the stomach , getting frighten to talk to her yeah ma nigga it's all love." he said

"What do I do." I asked

"Go over there, and talk to her. All your woman feeling might come but you'll get youst it. Take it from me, being in love is way better that fucking different broads!" He said

"Thanks bruh!" I said

"Tell her I said hi bye the way." He said then walked off.

I stood there for awhile thinking of what to tell her but yet I was stalling. If fixed my tie and did that breathe smelling shit and walked over to her. I felt my stomach turning and turning. I got close to her and sat right next to her.

"Joe!" I said

"Yeah!" And she turned around.

I got a glimpse at her hazel eyes and could stop staring. Until I fell!



Andreeeeee" she said but I was still staring at her on the ground

"Oh shit sorry Joe. I was just-"

"Staring at me . I know!" SHe said

"Why you out here alone!" I asked

"Nobady trying to dance with me and everybody got life in them but not me!" She said

"I wanna dance with you." I said

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