The Wishing Well

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The little girl

on Cheery Lane

Came up to me today

She talked about the Wishing Well

On Willy Wonka Way

She took me by the hand and asks

Would you come and join me?

To go and use my copper penny

To start her list of wishing

I followed her to the well with glee

I'll wish someone to marry me

I will flip the copper penny

And I will wait and see

When we arrive she points

"oh look!"

The well is by a rushing brook

the brook carried the pennies away

to fulfill the promises thrown in that day

She hands me a copper piece

shining in the sun

and just as I flip it in,

the little girl had gone.

I search the grounds around the well

in the soft green grass

the reeds swaying by the brook

the brook itself as clear as glass

Understanding dawns in me

as I realize the worst

she has fallen in the well

And she probably perished

I peer down in

"Oi!" she cried

I am merely scratched

my copper penny I didn't want to part

my fingers became attached

I reached and pulled with all my might

from midday to near midnight

I wished for I to end this fight

and out popped she in golden light

Alas that wish expended my coin

nobody came to propose

because my wish was used to save

a girl I had barely known

to this day she takes me every year

to the wishing well we hold so dear

to wish and wish to our hearts content

a single penny well spent

I do not wish for a spouse nor money

I wish for freedom flowing with milk and honey

a place I am free

a place to be me

a way to have freedom to do as I please

my well in turn is on Willy Wonka Way

But to you that might be so far away

Take heart and take care but don't travel so far

the wishing well is invisible by car

The wishing well is in one place all along

but in any vehicle traveling it will have gone

but by love and by soul you will have won

it can be found in you and in me

in the birds of the sky

and the fish in the sea

it's bricks are made of love

it's water of peace

and it's mortar of soul

a ton at least

just give your friends love

give them respect

and the wishing well will appear on your street

if you be your very best.

-I'm a poet that chooses to not make that much sense.

-I find misdirection and confusion are beauty.

-and literature and love aren't all that different.

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