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(Next Day)

Sage's POV

When I woke up Trey had his head laying on my ass and his hands locked together on my back. He was still sleep but I tried gettin up But He was heavy...So I just grabbed my phone and played games to wait for him to get up

**15mins later**

Trey's POV

I woke up and saw that I was layin on Sage's fat ass and it was comfy asf too

Sage:Good your awake

Me:Yea umm how we get like this

Sage:Ion know But can you move cause I been stuck in this spot for 15mins waitin for u to wake up

I moved

Me:Oh sorry

Sage:Its iight

She got up leavin me to handle a big problem that I'm glad she ain't feel

Chyna's POV

(Before Trey and Sage woke up)

I woke and got out of bed grabbed my phone and went to see who was awake

Cam was sleep

Sarinity was sleep

Ty was awake

Me:Morning niggaa(I jumped on his back)

Ty:Good morning withcho kidy self

Me:Come on and let's go see if Sage awake and let's find Trey...Oh yea Rini and Cam sleep


We went to sage room and I opened the door quietly and saw something sooo cute

Trey had his head layin on Sage's ass and his hands where locked together laying on her back....I took abunch of pictures and walked out quietly and closed the door quietly

Me:Ayee nigga look

**I showed him the pictures**

Ty:Post that shit on Instagram


blacchyna:Look at these niggas ...They needa just get together already @tharealnigaa_aria @kiing

I got a lot likes and comments not long after

Some from hoes that like Trey and others that think they make a cute couple

Sage's POV

My phone vibrated notifying me that I had new feed

I went on Insta and saw that Chyna put a picture of me and Trey sleep..........Ima get her

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