Scottoria- Chapter 4

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Chapter 4-

Scott's POV

Almost every second of the trip I was checking map quest to see how much longer. Finally after about 400 checks it said 5 minutes. When we exited everyone on the bus screamed with excitement. When we realized there wasn't much civilization in the town everyone stopped being excited. There was very run down buildings and no major stores at all. I heard someone in the front of the bus question if people even lived here. Then we turned towards the hotel which also got me excited and right then ms. Feller stood up and told us our plan, " First we are going to check in and go to our rooms and find a spot in the room were your going to keep your stuff. Then we are getting back on the bus and going to the school for the first general session." As soon as we got to the hotel everyone jumped out of their seats. The front of the bus got off first then we did. After getting off the bus and getting our luggages, Ms. Feller checked us in. Then we were assigned room leaders and all headed to our rooms. After we got to our rooms we all claimed beds. Then we realized we had a connected room... With a girls room. When Ms.Feller came around to see all the rooms she immediately switched the girls room with a guys room. Now we were even further away from Victoria's room. On the bus to the school I made sure that me and Robbie sat near her and Casey. We got to the school and went inside. While we were walking in I started talking to Victoria about the theme and what were were doing. I could see she was uninterested with the topic so I slowly drifted away. When we got to the gym for the first general session I sat next her. She seemed quite content but she started talking to me first for once. I loved it when she did that. I really just wanted to go back to the hotel so we could all hang out... But we would be here till 12:00 am then go back to the hotel. After the first general session we went outside to the fair. The guys and I was staying near their group of girls being kinda antisocial, when some high school girls asked us what school we were from. Joe quickly replied, "Boca middle." The girls made awh noises and we started to laugh. They were from Boca High. Everyone knew Boca high and Boca Middle won the most. So most schools stayed away for some reason. After the fair we went to workshops. Coincidently Victoria and I were the only two in the workshop from our school. It was the human knot icebreaker workshop. So of course me and Victoria were in the same group and we all had to hold hands so I held Victorias and this other girl from Boca high. Our knot was the first one to finish. After that we had a speaker that was talking about sexual abuse and drugs so me and Victoria texted Ms. Feller and left. We got to hang out around the school so we just walked around talking. Then she brought up the topic of everyone saying her and I should date. She started explaining how she didn't think it would work out and she didn't want to ruin our friendship. Friend zoned in under 2 minutes.

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