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I look down at my passport, and I was stunned by what I had saw. Flashbacks of memory from childhood zoomed over my brain, like a slideshow, or even a movie. And Scarlet. Oh, how I missed Scarlett, she was the only real thing I had. She was an inventor too, we all were after seeing such an amazing person like Howard Bruce Weinstein, the greatest inventor in the universe, we had ever seen. As, my mind came back, siting in the airport, I gasped shocked and amazed by    what was in my very own hand.

  " Don't have a heart attack boy. You didn't meet him, you just was him..hahahaha..well sit back and relax its going to be a 13 hour ride." Said one of guys as he wrapped his arms around a blanket provided by the services, and fell asleep, on the guys next to hims shoulder.

    All throughout the trip all I kept thinking was Scarlet, Weinstein and I. When I first met Scarlett I was 10 years old. She was my first love and only. We would build inventions together all the time, she was my inspiration, the only other person who inspired me. We would try to duplicate every single machine Weinstein created and we did. When Weinstein died, Scarlet and I pinky promised to never make an invention again together it wasn't the same. Scarlett and I married each other in 2001, eleven years in the making. Every night I would go to sleep and wake up. and she would not be next to me lately. She would be down stairs in the lab. She protests that she is making something that would help the company. But, my birthday is coming up and I'll be turning 40, and she wanted to make me something special to remind me of my childhood with her. Cause we have been loosing that spark between us. I mean it was once there and probably still is, I just don't feel that special connection anymore since we stopped making these glorious inventions together as a child.

  I decided to get up to use the bathroom. I took my phone, I went on Facebook and texted Scarlett, that I love her so so much. And to reassure her I'm okay, before I decided to hit the hay. And then I crashed down with my tired eyes and I fell asleep.

  The next morning arrived and I glanced at my phone, and I received nothing, she didn't even leave me on seen, I knew something had to be up. I didn't ask the guys any questions about my wife because they would for sure take away my phone and leave me with nothing, but I did go to the bathroom and just cried, every chance I had with my wife when she was there was and still is gone. Foever gone and never ever coming back in existence.

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