.:. Roxas x Reader: Distant Hearts .:.

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A/N: Alternate Universe Time. The quote belongs to Square Enix (basically kH itself cause it's KH 2's tagline)

"Distant Hearts... When-"

"What are you up to, (name)?"

"Roxas!" You sky-rocketed off your seat for a moment and landed on your bum; your Kingdom Hearts Manga thrown across the room. As you began groaning in pain, Roxas laughed. You pouted in response. "Meanie..."

He reached his hands out. "Here. Give me your hands." As you reached for his hands, an idea popped into your oh-so-intelligent brain. You reached out for his right hand and stood up. Roxas used his strength to help you off the ground but got pulled down by surprised.

"(name)!" The both of you fall, landing side by side.

"That's what you get for pulling me down!" The both of you then began laughing. Soon, the laughter seeped down leaving utter silence in its place. You then reached out to softly place the palm of your hands on top of his. As you both laid down in silence, you began closing your eyes.

"Roxas...?" He hummed in acknowledgment. "What is it?" You opened your eyes and gazed at his crystal orbs. "... We'll always be together, right?"

For a moment, it was all silence. It was as if the two of you can't respond back; knowing that the future that lies ahead of you two are undecided.

As you felt a single tear drop went down your cheek, you wanted to hide under a blanket and just disappear. It hurt you to think of a life without Roxas. It hurts you so much that you wanted to just disappear for good.


You turned your head to the side. "What is it, Roxas?" He turned his gaze from the ceiling to look at you. "I... No... What I meant is..." He blushed as your face twisted into that of pure innocence. "What did you want to tell me?" His face turned red like Axel's hair as he repeated the same phrase you said earlier.

"What I meant is... No matter where we are, we'll never be separated... We'll always be next to each other. Forever,"

Instead of blushing, you smiled at his kind words. The way he persuaded you to think of believing in destiny made your heart flutter.

While Roxas was left day-dreaming, you thought of a way to thank him back for consoling you and so you thought of giving him a surprise kiss. Quietly, you made a quick move that had you on top of Roxas; hands and legs pinning his wrists and ankles down. As he blushed at the position, you lightly tap his bottom lip with your fingertips. Slowly, you let it glide till it reaches his chin and grabbed a hold of it.

"W-What are you doing?" Roxas stuttered and you just sighed. You then got off him and went to grabbed your thrown book; setting it in front of yourself as you put yourself in "reading mode" once more.

"Nothing. I just wanted to see your reaction." Though it wasn't exactly the best lie that you could have  thought of, you just went with the flow hoping that he wouldn't notice through your lie.

As you began flipping through the pages, no answer came from him. You then looked up to find a pair of blue eyes staring back at your (eye color); faces a couple of centimeters apart.

You were shocked. "R-Roxas?" Without your respond, he kissed your cheek and pulled away; only to be pulled again by you; this time on the lips.

In the middle of your passionate activities, you couldn't help but think of how unpredictable today was.

Well, I guess our hearts were rejoined at last...

.:. Extended Ending .:.

"H-Hey! Let me see, Kairi!"

"Shut up, Sora! I want to see the new couple." Kairi frowned and pushed her way between the crowded door-frame.

"Well, I hope they'll live a happy life together."

Kairi nodded. "I'm sure they will, Naminé."

Naminé give a small smile in response. Xion and Axel then came in.

"What's going on?" Sora pointed at you and Roxas practically eating each other's face out inside the living room.

Xion's mouth turned into a small "o" while Axel whistled.

"... I'm going to have this memorized in my brain forever. The day when our small, zombie had finally found his partner."

Everyone giggled until Axel was hit on the head by an unknown object.

"... What the heck...?"

"Distant hearts, when rejoined as one... May find the light within." - KH Tagline


;_; My favorite Tagline... ;_; Roxas... (I was bored so I didn't revise it. Haha xD It seems like I never revise any of them.) Anyways, I'm not sure if it is KH or KH 2's tagline. I think it's KH but oh well, it suits the theme. xD

- Alicia Barsburg (I don't know who to do next, other than Terra which I'm working on. Any ideas of who I should do next?? :D)

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