Chapter 3 - On Cloud 9

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After the incident at the beach I couldn’t look Josh in the eye. When he talked to me I was in another place. I wanted to ask him who the girl was though I didn’t want to seem desperate or show him that I had feelings for him. It was all too embarrassing.

Caitlin had filled my friends in and they were all so caring about it, though their advice and compliments didn’t help. I don’t think anything could.

Josh’s POV:

Ok, what is wrong with Lil? She seems really mad at me for something, but I haven’t done anything wrong! Thing is, she was fine a few days ago. I just don’t know what happened.

She wouldn’t even look at me today. When she talked she sounded cold, like she didn't really want to talk to me.

I’m gonna get to the bottom of this, if it’s the last thing I do.


Lily’s POV:

Today after school I was walking down the main hall with Caitlin. “Ugghh that science test was a bore, I definitely failed it” she was saying.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm and pull me into a classroom. It was Josh.

“Hey, what are you doing?” I asked innocently. “Tell me what’s going on. Please, I need to know” he said with a cold tone in his voice. “I don’t know what your talking about” I said while trying to act mysterious yet innocent. It wasn’t working.

“Seriously Lil, I’m not kidding. You’re not leaving this room till I find out. I’ll tickle you” he threatened.

“Ok, ok, I’ll tell you………...Well, I saw you at the beach the other day.” I said, finally giving in. “And?” he answered. I just wished he would catch on. “You were with that girl” I trembled. “So What?” he asked, getting more aggressive now. This is gonna be harder than I thought.

“You don’t understand Josh. I um, I like you. I was jealous. I um, I thought you liked me back” I confessed, hurt. I had turned the shade of my red baby lips by now.

“You know what, forget it” I added, then I started striding towards the door.

“Lil, wait. That girl, I had just met her. I don’t know what I was thinking. Honest, Lil. We broke up afterwards anyway” Josh revealed. “Oh, so she was your girlfriend then.” I questioned. “NO, that’s not the way it was, why are you making this so difficult? All I’m trying to say here is that I…….I like you more. I like you much much more.”

Then he moved closer towards me. He tucked my hair behind my ear and cradled my head in his hands. Then he put his lips close to mine and I put mine close to his. “I would choose you over any girl” he said, then he kissed me.


Caitlin was ecstatic when I filled her in in what had happened. “So was he a good kisser?” she giggled. “The best” I replied, grinning. “Is he going to take you out on a date then?” she questioned. “Yeah, we are going to a small family-run Italian restaurant, it’s gonna be soo romantic.” I explained. “Ok this is my last question. Are you ever going to stop smiling?” she teased, “Probably not” I smiled. It was true. I hadn’t stopped smiling since the kiss.


In just a couple of days, everyone knew about me and Josh. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, all I knew was that I was the happiest I had ever been. I was on cloud 9 and nothing could knock me off now.

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