Chapter Two: To Amsterdam!

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Serendra Two

BGC, Taguig City

       Selena knows she has to leave at once. She cannot take the fact that both her Mom and her Dad lied to her. Right now, she is on her way to Anna Rodriguez’ unit at Serendra Two. To say she is her best friend is an understatement; she is like the sister she never had. If there is one person in the world she could rely on to in times like this, it is Anna. She has always been someone who knows the right thing to do, the exact opposite of Selena who acts before thinking.

       She doesn’t need to knock for she has a key to her unit. That is how much they trust each other. Upon opening the door, she let her luggage fell to the floor and hug Anna tightly.

       “Selena, what happened? Tell me.” She said while stroking her hair gently, hoping she could ease the pain that her best friend is going through.

       “Dad.” She sobbed.

       “What’s with Tito Ronaldo?”

       “He has an affair with Gretchen. They have been together for 18 years.” With this, Anna sobbed even louder.

       “Wha-I don’t know what to say...” Anna said looking dumbfounded as she heard the unexpected revelation.

       “And Mom, mom tolerated it. She knows about it and they never told me.”

       “Oh my - Now, I’m speechless.” Normally a wife would get mad her husband if she caught him cheating. And for goodness sake, for 18 years? What kind of wife could tolerate that? Now she understands what Selena is feeling. It would have been terrible if she were in that situation. It’s not possible because Mom and Dad loves each other dearly. That maybe the reason why they are 8 in the family – well 10 including her parents.

       “Anna, do tell me: Do I look like a doll which they can toy with whenever they want? Am I still a child for you?”

       “Goodness, no! Of course not, Ina. You are more than that.” Of course, she is. Selena is most wonderful when she is teaching her students. For her students, Selena is their hero – someone to look up to.

       “Then why are they doing this to me? I don’t think I could trust any other man anymore. After my last break up with Bryan, I won’t ever love again.” Bryan was her last boyfriend. It didn’t last long, anyway – about a year.

       “Listen, do not say that. Do not let this circumstances bring you down, okay. If you must leave, go. I won’t stop you. Maybe Tito has his reasons why he did something like this.”

       “Like what? Like he loves both Gretchen and my Mom that’s why he chose to have them simultaneously? Whatever reason it is, he is shameless.”

       “You can’t say that to your father, Selena. No matter what happened he’s still your father.”

       “From the moment I saw his filthy doings, I no longer considered him as my father.” With Selena’s words, Anna only sighed. She doesn’t know how to talk Selena out of this. With what happened, she really do think that Selena needs a break – and Amsterdam is the right place.

FMIA Terminal

Pasay City


       “Dad, what is that you’re drawing?” Young Selena asked her father. She was sitting on his lap, wrapped in an embrace, while her father was sketching.

       “This, my dearest Selena, is an airport.” Ronaldo answered with pride.

       “But Dad, it doesn’t wook wike one.” She answered while looking at her Dad in disbelief.

       “What does it look like, then?” he asked.

       “Uhmm...Daddy, you will not be angry at me, wight?”

       “Never, my dear.”

       “It wooks wike an eagle that will fwy.” With her words, her father threw back and laugh out laugh.

       “It sure does, Selena. It sure does.”


       Selena could still vividly remember how her father drew those curves. And now here it is, standing proud like a real eagle. She might hate her father, but he is still a great Architect.

       “You’ll be fine, Ina?” Anna said disturbing her thoughts.

       “Of course, I will, Anna. Thank you for everything. You really are my sister.”

       “Anything for my sister.” She smiled. “Oh, and, Tita Rowena will be fetching you from the airport. She’s one great woman. I’m sure you’ll like her.”

       “Thanks. I’ll be going. Promise me you won’t tell my parents which country I went, okay.”

       “You have my loyalty, sis. Take care and find love in Amsterdam.” Selena wasn’t quite sure if she could actually find love in Amsterdam, but one thing is for sure: she will love Amsterdam. So she just wave her best friend good bye.

Inside the plane

       This is it, Selena thought, goodbye Manila, hello Amsterdam. She couldn’t wait reach Amsterdam. This will be her first time in the city. She only knew of the city through the stories of Anna. Anna spent 10 years of her life in the city because her parents loved it there. In fact, all of her brothers were born there. According to Anna, the city was the next place to paradise. Well, she might just have said that because she was still a kid back then.

       May I request everyone to stay in their seats and for electronic devices to be shut down. In a few minutes, the plane will be taking off.

       And what did she do with work? She took a leave for a month. She swears she’s going to miss the kids a lot. It will be lonely for her. No cute and noisy kids for a month is like no food for a month. She just likes being with them! This is the reason why even if she finished architecture ahead of time and topped the board exam at 3rd spot, she took up another degree just to be with kids.

       Zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmm....and the plane flew into the air

      What would she do for almost 17 hours of riding a plane? She has a perfect plan. First she would list the things she would do in Amsterdam and maybe write a letter to the kids so she could send them to Anna. Anna works in the preschool, too, you see. And the rest, she’ll devote to sleeping. After everything that has happened, she deserves a nice, long, and peaceful sleep. It would also be better if she wouldn’t dream of anything about her Dad, her Mom, or even Gretchen. Nope, not a good idea to dream about them.

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