Slumber party

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It was the weekend and mum was away so I decided to host a slumber party to Yas, Stace, and Kirsty, also known as 'The Big Mouth', 'The Lesbian,' and 'The Follower.'
They arrived at around 7 and we ordered pizza.
Our friendship was developing and I felt like I was in secondary school again, happy with life only worrying about school and great friends.
I decided I had to tell them about last night.
"Okay, guys, me and Jack did it yesterday, we had sex! I cannot believe it myself."
The expressions on their faces showed they were far from impressed.
"How could you, how did it happen" Stacey said.
"Well we were both virgins and got caught up in the moment, and well we both love each other and plus we are perfect for each other."
"We had sex! I wasn't even his first and you won't be his last he's a user and you just got together yesterday!!!"

I couldn't hold back the tears any longer, he lied to me and told me I would be his first.
"he's a liar," I cried
We all comforted each other then around 11 fell asleep.

The next day I had to meet up with Jack and end it with him unless I can trust him 100%.
"Hey my bitch," Jack proclaimed.
I felt like I wasn't speaking to the Jack I had met at the beginning of the year.
"Hi, I'm gonna get to the point."
"Actually I need to quickly say, I don't think we are right for each other so I'm dumping you."
"What so you fuck girls then dump them."
"Pretty much."
"Well it was a mistake, bye Jack."
I walked away from him half happy yet half disappointed.
Love blinded me, I thought he was my soul mate,turns out he was just there looking pretty to get girls to have sex with.

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