Why me?

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Julia's POV

Its been a couple of weeks and I have barely remembered anything about Ronnie besides small things, like his favorite color or something to that nature.

I started making allot of progress but, now I am making no progress at all.

My thoughts get interrupted by a knock at the door.

I was going to go and answer it but, Ryan beat me to it, I hear a familiar voice say

Wheres Julia?

When she said those words I realized who it was.

It was my mother.

Well, who are you? You cant just trespass on my property and just expect me not to ask who you are.

She then said I am Julia's mother, so get out of my way where is Julia?

By this time I had ran and hid behind the couch.

I could still see her but I am not exactly sure if she could see me or not.

Most likely if she comes any closer to this couch she will defiantly see me.

Ryan responded

Well she isn't here. Must have the wrong address.

He quickly tried to push her out the door but then she saw something move behind the couch I knew then I was busted.

She walked closer and realized where I was.

I knew then I might as well stand up and take whatever she was going to do because I knew I couldnt fight back.

She wasn't just a few inches from my face

She sighed and said

I guess I didn't do my job correctly because you are still alive, bitch.

She then took out a knife, which luckily Jacky saw and was about to stab me, but Jacky finally decided to step in.

She was strong because she was even fighting Jacky, me and the guys.

She has gotten stronger then from the last time.

She put me in the hospital once, she isnt going to put me there again.

I finally got mad, I was sick of going through this... I am sick of her.

Next thing I know my mom has a knife to my throat. The guys tried to help me as much as they could but they really cant hit a woman.

I took the knife finally out of her cold, pale white hands, and threw it across the room so now it was fair and I have more of chance of winning this now.

The fight went on and on, we weren't going to quit until someone won.

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