Dahlia's POV


"Run away with me Dahlia"

"Beau! Are you drunk or something? You can't be serious!" I exclaim, leaning away from him in confusion. Run away? That was a big decision..

"No! I'm sober, honest! Please Dahlia, all I want is for you to be safe and.." he drifts off and starts playing with my hair. He seemed so...innocent, almost like a young child.

"You dont think I'm safe here, at home?"

"What? Are you completely oblivious to the world around you Dahli?"

No one had ever called me 'Dahli' before and hearing him say it, it felt so comforting.

"You belong to an abusive family. You live in fear of someone who is supposed love and care for you! That's not a home! A home is where you can be safe! Where you live is far, far from being a home Dahlia..."

There's another silence. The traffic behind us gets louder as the morning starts to break and people head to work.

"Well, will you?" he finally says, standing up from the bench. I stand up to and stare up into his eyes. Was I really about to do this? Give up my whole previous life and run away with some boy who I hardly knew? I was always telling myself to be more spontaneous and now, when a door has finally opened, I have no idea what to say, do or how to react.

"Dahlia, if you don't want to, I will understand, I mean, as much as I would like-"

"I'll go"

"Excuse me?"

"I'll go with you." I repeat myself, unsure of what his reaction will be. Slowly, a massive grin appears on his face and deep inside, maybe at the bottom of my heart or at the back of my mind, I knew I had made the right decision.


"Where are we going!?" I yell after Beau, gripping onto his hand tightly as we ran through the crowds of people and down each ally way. It was not early morning and the streets were once again full of people hurrying around like ants.

"We need to get some things first!" he yells back at me, "Important things like money and my car!"

"Are we actually doing this, Beau?"

"Yeah, why not?"

"I.......I'm scared, what will happen to your family?"

He slows down his run to a walk and grips tighter to my hand.

"I will tell them. They will understand." and that was all he said until we got to his house.

It was a family sized house, its garden perfectly mown and pruned down. Beau walks up to the door and I sink back behind him, still holding his hand.

"Beau, where have you been? We were all so worried"

"I'm sorry, it was important."

I peer around his arm to see a youngish lady stood in the door. She spots me and smiles

"You must be Dahlia?" she ask softly.

"Mum, we're running away"

Good one Beau. That's a great way to break it to her.

"Beau don't be stupid, you can't just leave, things like this need planning, come inside a talk-"

"There isn't anytime to talk! We need to get going!"

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