Third person POV

"What do we do?" Sherlock asked Mycroft while trying very hard not to pace in front of the desk, instead he sat in the chair facing his brother with his hands steepled in front of his mouth. 

"That brother dear is simple, we must formulate a plan to stop Moriarty...again." Mycroft eyed his brother warily.

"I've already died and come back, what more can we do?" Sherlock dropped his hands and sat forwards cocking his head to the side. "I say that if he returns it's your turn to die." 

Mycroft sighed, "No one will die this time, we'll figure something out. But keep this in mind, it will take time and it will be elaborate." 

Sherlock shrugged and sat back, "Of course it'll be elaborate, you brother are the king of elaborate and overly complicated plans." 


five months later

"John you need to get here now," Sherlock spoke angrily into the phone, he usually hated talking on the phone but John had been ignoring his texts so he had no choice but to call. 

"Sherlock I already told you I'm busy, Mary is out doing some errands and I have to watch the baby." Sherlock could hear five three month old Anna wailing in the background. "Can't you get someone else you help you? You a whole network of people at your disposal call them." 

Sherlock got up and walked to the picture covered wall, "I can't be seen walking around town with a dozen shabbily dressed tramps, bring the kid with you and get over here!" He stepped up onto the couch to see the higher pictures.

"Sherlock I told you I can't, call Lestrade or Molly, by the way you do have a brother you know." John was humming in between words trying to calm down the baby.

"Mycroft's boring, Graham is annoying, and Molly is busy doing her actual job." 

John sighed, "Your brother would be better help than me, his name is Greg and Molly ould be happy to help you." 

Sherlock walked back to his chair and sat down, "John I need your help, just drop the kid off somewhere."

"I said no Sherlock, I'm hanging up now." Sherlock sighed and let the line go dead, for a moment he just sat there thinking then he picked up his phone and typed.

If convenient come to 221B -SH


Okayyyy so this is my first attempt at Fan Fiction ever, I really hope this turned out okay I've had this story in my head forever and just really needed to type it. I'll post the next chapter shortly. -Evening

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