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Hey today is rainy so I have time for writing! 3 chapters this week... I'm doing good! I hope you like it cause I'm really enjoying writing this! Please tell me what you think!

Eragon POV

After the kiss the rest of the day seemed to fly by with me just thinking about Arya. I would have liked to just spend all day every day with her, but she had her duties as queen and we didn't want everyone knowing. I did get to spend the evening with her alone in her room though. One evening, when i and Saphira had stayed in Ellesmera for about a week, i was heading to Arya's room. Once i reached I saw that she wasn't alone. There was an other elf in there. The elf was a male. He had silver hair, was rather short but very muscular, but the thing that disturbed me the most was the fact that he had his lips against, Arya's. I was just trying to leave the room, with my heart broken over the fact that Arya was kissing someone else, when i realized something else. The elf was holding Arya's hands and pressing Arya against the wall, so she couldn't resist him. After looking around the room quickly, Eragon could tell that Arya had been sitting on her chair, next to her wooden table when the guy had crabbed her from behind. When Eragon came to the decision that this was happening against her will,he got angry. Before he could do anything though, Arya slid through his legs, bringing him on the ground.

3. Person POV

Later that night, once Arya had gotten rid of the guy, by putting him in jail for the night(do elves have jails) she returned to Eragon explaining him everything:" this guy is called Mokdath. His being bothering me for a few months now! Very annoying actually, but today he went further than acceptable, so I threw him in jail for the night and will see about the punishment tomorrow."

"So kissing the queen is against the law?" Eragon asked playfully.

"Well against her will it is!" Arya answered with some fake annoyance in her voice. Eragon smiled and asked:" well how come I'm not in jail?" Arya leaned over and kissed him quickly " I think that might have something to do with the fact, that I actually enjoy kissing you?" They talked for an other hour, but then Eragon saw it to be wise, to let Arya rest and bid her goodnight.

The next morning lord Dätherd appeared to Eragons doorsteps unnecessarily explaining to him what Mokdath had done last night and asking him to attend their meeting to discuss a proper punishment. Eragon listened making it seem like it was the first time hearing it. Seeming horrified but not in the way of having feelings for her, but as a friend would. They quickly walked to the throne room, Eragon being as modest as bowing to Arya. Arya smiled at him shortly, but had a strict face the next second so the elven lords didn't realize anything. He declined the stool he was being offered choosing to rather stand next to Arya, so he could protect her if needed, which seem stupid even to himself, since Arya was a dragon rider equally powerful with him. After about a minute Mokdath was brought in, with his hands bound and pushed to his knees. The lords did most of the speaking, just asking for the queens opinion a couple of times. In an hour they had decided, that he would be banished from Ellesmera for the rest of his life as a punishment. Most of the lords like Dätherd, had wanted something worse, but Arya decided it was enough. The whole hour long Mokdath was giving comments on how Arya should take him and that she was lucky that he saw her worthy of his time. All this made Eragon angry. He wanted to yell that Mokdath was lucky that Arya let him go with a mere banishment and not all the far worse things Dätherd had brought up. Once they had gotten to their decision Mokdath seemed to have had enough and he whispered something, cutting through his bindings. He grabbed a spear and started running towards Arya. Before anyone could react Arya had already stood up, unsheathed Támerlein and stabbed the spears handle, making the spear fall on the floor. The next second she pulled Mokdath close, turned him around and kicked his back sending him stumbling back on the floor. Then she sat down and looked at Eragon seeing that he was boiling of anger and tried to send a calming look towards him. Eragon looked at Mokdath in disgust and yelled:" so you're going to try and kill her since kissing her didn't work out?! We'll let me show you how it is really done!" Then he pulled her up, held her chin up with one hand and crashed his lips on hers, kissing her passionately.

So that was the chapter. Btw I also own Mokdath. See you soon with what Arya thinks about the last events... I think then we will look what Saphira and Fírnen have been doing while this happened!


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