chapter 1

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harry p.o.v

The sound of my alarm on my phone awoke me , I buried my head under the pillows and duvet trying to muffle the sound.

I really didn't want to get up.

I felt like shit , my mate Niall came over last night and we drank and smoked weed till early hours , my attempt to rid of my pain.

I groan and stretch out an arm and wack my phone of the side of the cabinet , wanting it to shut the fuck up.

I so wasn't in the mood today , especially since I had to go to school.

I sat up , stretching and yawning. I scratched my crotch and grabbed a t shirt and jeans and chucked them on.

no point in making a big effort just for school.

I grabbed my jacket and my boots , placed them on and retrieved my phone from the floor.

The screen had smashed and was bound to cut me if I touched it.

great fucking one harry! I thought in my head.

I raced down stairs and out the door , stopping momentarily to grab my keys. I jumped in the car and sped of to school still feeling like shit.

I parked my car in the usual spot and hopped out . I began to walk towards the school glaring at some nerd staring at me from over by the trees. I was so busy staring that I didn't notice the young girl who walked into me.

she fell to the floor , her books everywhere and everyone burst into laughter around her.

I smirked as her cheeks when red and she feebly picked up her books and scarpered to her feet.

"watch where your going next time idiot" I laughed at her before walking away leaving her speechless with people still laughing at her.

As I strode down the corridors to my lesson , everyone moved out my way , and glanced at me nervously when they thought I wasn't looking . They were all scared of me.

That's right fear me bitches , no one messes with Harold Edward Styles. I thought as I smirked at the pretty blonde girl with revealing clothes on.

I arrived at my first lesson , English with Mrs Moore , the most boring and grumpiest teacher ever. I sat in my desk at the back by the window and stared outside and thought bout the girl I knocked over earlier.

she was cute when she blushed

my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of Mrs Moore's heels on the floor , as she approached her desk.

I rolled my eyes and began staring back outside.

" Now class today we will continue with our Shakespeare essays and I'm happy to introduce you to our new student Kerri-Ann Stintson" her boring voice droned on.

I glanced up and saw the girl from this morning stood at the front , her blonde hair hiding her face slightly and her fingers twiddling together.

" Kerri would you like to say anything dear?" Mrs Moore asked her. She shook her head and her hair shaded her face more.

"fine you can go take a seat next to" Mrs Moore scanned the classroom and her eyes fell on the only empty desk. Next to me.

"you can sit next to harry" she told Kerri with a sigh and a apologetic look.

The girl shuffled to the seat , sat down and slumped down low and began doodling on the notebook she grabbed out her bag. She sat there the whole lesson , silent .

I glanced at her as she exited, wondering if he would be okay finding her next class. wtf harry your a tough bad guy you don't give a fuck about silly nerdy girls

I shook my head shaking away the image of Kerri and stormed to my next class... Biology.

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