Chapter sixteen:

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Harry panted, his chest rising and falling elegantly as his hot naked body curled into Draco’s. Draco’s breathing mirrored Harry’s but he was a bit more composed as his excitement was dying rapidly with the nagging thoughts that poisoned his mind. He had loved every bit of the experience he and Harry had just taken part in together, and not once did he doubt Harry or his feelings but as his brain settled into a tired state; it wondered straight back to the cold part of Draco’s gut. He desperately wanted to ask Harry if he was ashamed of him but he was worried Harry would say yes and it was far better to worry than to be hurt.

“Draco, what’s wrong?”

Draco looked up from where he’d been examining every inch of Harry’s pale incredibly structured chest. There was no point in alarming Harry with intimate worries and questions that lacked particular importance, especially so soon after compassionate and lingering love-making. He didn’t want Harry to conclude he was putting on some sort of act when in fact Draco savoured every time they were together, even more so this time now that the pesky thoughts of Harry breaking up with him were burrowed in the back of his mind waiting for his mind to crumble into tiredness. It seemed ridiculous to think such things considering he and Harry were completely out there now. Even Weasley seemed to accept it more each day, and Harry never left his side unless he absolutely had to. But it still change who Harry is and nor whose family Draco belonged to.


Draco mentally cursed; he needed to stop getting distracted so easily. “It’s not important.” He replied dryly, Harry looked far from convinced and even less likely to give it up so easily but he didn’t question or push Draco further into it, Draco however found himself wanting to be pushed; he didn’t think he’d be able to start the conversation on his own accord considering even thinking it made him queasy.

“There’s something I wanted to talk to you about,” Harry smiled slightly; he shuffled so he was propped up a bit and looking down at Draco with his hand resting on his stomach gently. Draco tensed. It was eccentric that it took only one touch from Harry anywhere near his crotch and he was seriously aroused. “I was wondering what your plans were for Christmas.” Draco frowned sorrowfully; he knew his parents wanted nothing to do with him. That’s why they stayed away. Draco hadn’t really thought of ‘plans’, there was only one option; stay at Hogwarts for Christmas. “If you’re not going home,” continued Harry who was oblivious to the gutting pains Draco was developing as he thought more of his parents. “I was hoping you would come and spend Christmas with me.”

“With your muggles?” Draco questioned, surprised by Harry’s invitation. He doubted he’d last long in the muggle world, all those different objects and ways of life; it was all Draco’s idea of hell. Harry scoffed.

“No, I don’t think my Aunt and Uncle could survive a Malfoy.” Draco wasn’t positive what this meant but he didn’t ask. They weren’t going to live with his mundane family for Christmas. “I, well...we, well not we but...” Harry stammered; Draco just stared up at him. Enjoying Harry’s embarrassed, confused and anxious facial expressions; he’s beautiful.

“Harry?” Draco asked amused, raising his eyebrows.

“I’dlikeyoutocomespendChristmaswithmeHermioneandtheWeasleysintheBurrow.” He gasped when he finished, Draco caught every word of what he said and was mixed emotions. Happy that Harry wanted to spend Christmas with him, confused as to why he’d be allowed in the Burrow, anxious at the thought of being around Granger all the time as she likes to stare at him perplexedly and it’s unnerving. Furthermore, he was repulsed at the idea of spending two weeks in such close proximity with Wealsey and he wasn’t even positive how he felt about being around the rest of the Weasley family. He was still jealous whenever he saw Harry and the female Weasley together so he would have to keep them apart, the Weasley twins had finally stopped taunting him since it came out he and Harry were together but their rhymes still rang through his mind every once in a while when he wanted to make himself feel bad and he hadn’t seen anything of the Weasley parents in a long time and considering his father purposely nearly killed their youngest in her first year of Hogwarts; he doubted they’d be pleased to see him.

“Harry, you realise how mad that idea would be,” Draco grumbled, “not that I don’t want to spend Christmas with you, I do. It’s just that well, the Weasley’s have no reason to be civil after all I’ve done to...Ron...and my father has done to the female Weasley.” he refrained from calling her any worse name in case Harry picked up on the jealous twangs.

“I’ve spoken to Mr and Mrs Weasley, Draco. Ron told me they invited us, not me; us. You’re my ‘we’. And nobody said we were inviting your father. Ron is totally over all of that stuff as well, he’s even greeting you in the mornings now. Another few weeks and you’ll be the best of friends,” Harry smirked. “Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“If the definition of nice is excruciatingly horrible,” Draco grunted. If the Weasley’s had in fact invited him, then it surely couldn’t be that bad. Maybe they had forgiven him. No, what a ludicrous thought. They were doing this for Harry; it had nothing to do with him. If they were going to put aside their uncanny feelings towards Draco for Harry sake; he could surely do that too. If anything, he wanted Harry’s Christmas to be more than perfect. “I’d love to spend Christmas with you, Harry.” Draco smiled, Harry grinned enthusiastically and they kissed slow and tenderly. I love you, Harry.

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