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I could feel the bass vibrating but I could not hear the music. I could see the teenagers laughing and talking but I could not hear them. The only thing I was paying attention to was those beautiful brown eyes staring back at me from across the dance floor.

Though, I did not know who he was, I was drawn to him. Like i needed him or something. I felt as if we had known each other for all our lives but we didn't, I don't even know his name. But I want to. Something is telling me that he, the boy i did not know anything about; was important to me. I did not know why I felt this way, but I felt as if i could be falling for him. Not by his looks but the idea of him.

His looks were a plus, a big plus, his brown hair swept out of is face by a backwards snap back, he had a similar looking band t-shirt on as me; making me drawn to him even more. I could not get this kid out of my head, he couldn't stop staring at me. I couldn't tell if he thought the same as me, but I hope to know sooner or later.

"Instead of having eye sex with that hottie, why don't you just go talk to him." Meredith whispered in my ear.

"Fuck off Mere, go suck your boyfriends dick." I murmured playfully, not loosing eye contact with the mystery boy. He never looked away, even to take a sip from his red cup, he was intrigued as much as I was. Neither of us could look away afraid of what could happen if we did. I knew that he could be creeped out but by the giant smile on his face; I knew he wasn't. He wanted to look at me as much as I wanted to look at him. We both show signs of mamihlapinatapai and there's nothing we can do.

"Already on it Garland." She snickered my eyes followed to her where she was beside me. I watched as she stood up and followed behind her boyfriend.

My eyes flickered around the room trying to find the mystery boy. I couldn't find him anywhere and I was worried, not for him; but for me. I needed to see this boy, I needed to know his name. I sound super obsessive right now, but i can't help it. Just by looking at him he gave me totally happiness, like I could do anything. I was infatuated with him, no doubt.

I stood up from the couch I had just been sitting on and made my way outside into the crisp Arizona air. I shivered a bit as the wind blew threw the hair sending my hair to fly around in my face. I looked around the yard and decided to go lay down on the soft plush grass, away from the many drunk teens that were shattered around the yard. I stared up at the star filled night sky taking in the beauty.

I'd always been one to stay up late to watch the stars or to get up early to watch the sun rise. These things we just unique and special and so many people don't get to see them because they're too lazy to get up a few hours early to watch the beauty of the earth unfold.

My dad always said the star that shines the bright gets all the attention, which he translated to if you work for what you want you'll get recognition for it.

"Beautiful right?" I heard someone say next to me, I turned my head to see the boy I had been searching for. His voice had a slight accent to it which made me melt instantly. I always was a sucker for accents, doesn't matter which one I loved them all. the all fascinated me. How could they all be different?

"The stars are my favorite part." I mumble looking back at the sky.

"I meant you, not the sky." I heard him say making me blush a bit. Cheeky little bastard.

"That was very cliche." I laughed looking at him.

"Maybe I'm just a cliche kind of guy." He said still looking at me, I felt almost complete again. That little time i hadn't been remotely close to him, I felt empty. But now that he's here I feel the ultimate happiness running through my body again.

I couldn't help but turn and stare at his beauty from close up, his dazzling brown eyes and beautiful smile made me go crazy. He captivated me, not by the look he was giving me but by the affection I was feeling for this mystery boy.

I wanted to know him. I feel as if god put us on the earth at the same to get to know each other and that's exactly what I'll do.

"You know mystery boy it's not nice to sneak up on people." I whispered viewing the close proximity between us. I could feel his breathe on my face and watch as he inched a little closer to me with each breathe we took.

"It's Calum."


"My name, it's Calum." He said sending me a goofy smile.

"Oh my bad." I said pulling the grass out of the lawn.

"And what might your name be." He whispered inching closer to me.

"Well Calum, I guess you'll just have to find that out. No come on!" I said pulling him up off the ground and towards the house.

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