~ Olivia's P.O.V. ~

       The boys took a break from tour. We are in London for Harry's and my birthday. Harry's mum, Anne, and his sister, Gemma, came down with everyone else's families. Harry's birthday was spent with drinking and such. I stayed near Liam. That meant only 9 more days until I'm chosen. I can't bare to think about the thought of being chosen to the light or dark side.


       This is it. The big day. What if I get chosen to the dark or the light? I sighed in frustration. There was a slight knock at me door. The door opened a little. Mum and the family came in with pancakes.

             "Happy Birthday Olivia!" Phoebe and Daisy yelled running to me. The jumped onto the bed. Mum came over and handed me my pancakes.

             "Thanks mum." I said. She kissed my head.

             "Oh, my baby girl is 18. Oh it's your special day so the girls want to take you shopping." She said. I nodded and ate my pancakes. I had Daisy and Phoebe finish it for me. They went hyper crazy. Fizzy and Lottie sat down next to me.

           "So what are we doing?" I asked looking at them.

          "All of the girls want to take you shopping, that incudes Gemma, Nicola, Ruth, Doniya, Waliyha, Safaa, and  Denise." Fizzy said.

         "Sound good. Here let me get dressed and then we will go." I said. They nodded and left the room. I put on a bra, tank top, pantie, and leggings. I put on my white oversized sweater. I put on my combat boots and put my hair up in a messy bun and wrapped a braid around it. I walked down the hall to find the boys talking casually in the living room.

         "Morning Olivia!" They shouted trampling me.

        "No rough housing in the hotel!" Mum said. The boys stopped in their tracks and gave me a hug. Louis was the last one. He gave me a tight squeeze. He kissed my cheek.

      "Happy Birthday Liv." He said. I nodded. Liam was holding a Starbucks drink. I took it.

     "Thank you!" I called out as I was rushed out of the hotel room. We started to walk towards the shopping center. We entered and I was rushed into the one store. I think it was the Limited or another one of those expensive boutiques. I looked around. The girls were all searching for evening gowns.

      "Come on love, choose one. It's on the boys." Gemma said. I nodded and found a blue floral dress. It had a black belt. I was told to get more things to go with the dress. So I got blue heels to match the color of the dress and I did the same with a clutch. I grabbed a black leather jacket. I put it all together. I looked in the mirror. "Hey, love, how does it look?" Gemma called out form the dressing room next to me.

       "Stunning." I said looking in the mirror.

       "Come on let us see!" Safaa shouted from the other side of the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Lottie ad Fizzy covered their mouths. "Oh Olivia!" Safaa screeched.

       "You look amazing!" Ruth said coming over to hug me. She was wearing a blue dress with a blue cardigan over it.

     "Ruth you should look at yourself!" I exclaimed. She blushed. "Nicola look at you!"  I shouted looking at her. Nicola was wearing a grey hi - low dress. The top of the dress was glittery. I looked at Lottie who was wearing an Emerald green dress and flats. I gave her a hug. "Look at you two, now you look like adults." I said.

     "Are you going to go to a bar and get drunk like Harry did?" Fizzy asked. I laughed a little and shook my head. Fizzy was in a lilac purple strapless dress with a white cardigan over it. She wore purple flats with bows on them. All of the girls look amazing. After we all changed back into our normal clothes we went to the cash register. Our total came up to be 6,239 pounds. My mouth almost fell open. Gemma took out a credit card. She gave it to the cashier. The man handed it back to us with all of our things in separate bags. We walked out of the store. the girls started to run towards Aeropostale. I followed them. They started to grab sweatpants and shirts. I laughed and did the same.

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