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you think she's perfect,

that's why you follow her around.

girl, she ain't perfect,

she's only gonna bring you down.

I've known you since you were little girl,

and you're smarter than half this town.

she's gonna hate you soon enough,

and you'll be forced to act tough.

you falling now.

in the end all she'll do is take a bow.

she's acting,

and you're aching.

girl you deserve better.

cut it out with that truly ugly sweater.

you'll do anything to please her.

i'd love to see you upset her.

'cause soon enough you have to see,

you're so much better than she'll ever be.

girl please stop.

girl your reputation with your friends, it's gonna drop.

ain't cause your les,

and we don't love you no less.

but she's so bad for you.

it's true.

go find someone new.

you deserve better girl,

'cause I know what you can do.

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