Switched At Birthday

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(A/N) this is my friend's story and its the first one we are writing. -Sky

Chapter One

"Eww! Harm!everyday you wear sporty clothes,why?" Ashlyn asked."Because I want to that's why! you gotta problem with it

?" I asked. "No"she said.Then I went to soccer practice."Hey Tim!" I yelled. He comes running  "What?" He asked. "Wanna grab a cupcake?" I asked."Sure." he said."So,what time should we meet up?" I asked. "4:30" he replied. "Aww man I missed soccer practice!" I yelled. Then I went home. Bring bring! "Hello?" I asked "Hey harm" said ash. "oh hey ash" I said. "Sleep over tonight?" she asked. "no already got plans with Tim" I said. Then she hung up. Later that day at the cupcake shop..... "Hey Tim." "Hey" he said. "So what kind of  cupcakes are we getting?" I asked. "Whatever your getting." he replied. Then my ex boyfriend walks in the door. He walks toward me "Hey harmony" Greg said. "go away can't you see I'm on a date here?" I asked. "Hey little midget!" he said. "What?" asked Tim. "Be nice to her or I'll punch you!" he said then he left the store. "That was awkward." me and Tim said. "Sorry about that Tim." I said. "Its OK harm. now let's get our cupcakes" he said. I went to go get our cupcakes. "Congragulations! you our one hundredth customer!" said the store clerk. "Ooh! what's my prize? I asked. "A weekly  fancy cruise!" said the store clerk.

(A/N) That was the end of chapter one wait till my new chapter of switched at Birthday byez:-) -Harmony

(A/N) this is our first story sorry if it's short guys. you should check out my other story it's as long as forever and I'm working really hard on it so please read it and all that shiz. bye sparklz! -sky

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