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I woke up in the morning and went to eat breakfast after that I had a long shower and put on make up now the hardest part is finding clothes, I wonder how the weather right now is in japan.

after half and hour I decided to wear yellow skinny jeans , tank top and a black hoddie that says chase your dreams.

I checked twitter and replied to some fans and took selfies then I decided to call taylor my bf since we haven't talked for a while, after three rings he picked up the phone

" hey babe" he said through the phone , I smiled at the nickname

"hey I miss you" I said, we talked for an hour before my driver came to take me to the airport.


we reached the airport and I put on my sunglasses so the flashing from cameras won't damage my eye. I ran through the fans and paps as I made my way towards where they check your bags, after that I took some few pics with fans then I had to get on the plane to japan.

I sat in my chair as a girl sat beside me at the window side

"hi I've seen you on tv" she said , she was pretty with blonde hair and brown eyes

"hey " I said , I could see she wasn't a fan so we just talked normally thanks god , I followed her on twitter before I went for a long nap


I was been shaken I woke up and saw the girl beside me shaking me

" the plane is going to land" she said I smiled at her while I turned off my phone and put my seat belt on then after I just lookednas the plane landed.

there was fans screaming outside when I got out and the paps quickly ran up to me, wait how did my bodyguard  come here so fast, he pushed some fans out of the way while he lead me to the car, I waved at the fans before entering.


it seemed so long before we arrived at the hotel and my bodyguards took my bags to my room leaving me with the fans oh shit, the was lots of pushing going on as they tried to take a picture , I fell hard on the ground as a fan pushed away a girl , the ground was really cold I got up and pushed my way through faking a smile.

it was late how could the fans even be here  I opened the tv to the hotel room to be welcomed by my face on the screen

"selena gomez was spotted today leaving the airport as she arrived in japan , she was swarmed by fans which went crazy causing poor selena to fall but still smile at her fans , it is still positive that she dating Taylor L" a women on the screen said there was already pictures of me waving at the fans and falling.

3 days later

japan was lovely the people are nice and the concert was great and so was the interviews,  yesterday I went for a tour around japan and talked to fans some fainted which made me feel sad that I made them faint. today I was finally going back to visit my friends im so excited , I get to tell them about taylor and the tour and everything,  I haven't talked to my family or friends lately but I did talk to Beyonce on the phone this morning.

now im in town with one of the bodyguards shopping , we went bowling and then ate now we are just looking at clothes .

"how about this" my bodyguard said showing me a orange dress that was short but beautiful it was glittering

"omg im going to try it thanks " I said taking the dress and going to the changing room, I tried the dress and it fitted me so well it showed my curves and it was one of those strapless dress. I changed back to my pink shorts and jumper before getting out and taking a pair of green skinny jeans and navy shorts with shirts , one was blue sayinh smile , the other was black saying shine bright and the last one was purple saying just a kiss.

I payed for the clothes and me and my bodyguard walked out only to be welcomed from screaming fans

"run now " he said trying to keep the fans back , I started  running full speed not looking back so i won't fall , I didn't know where to go I ran out the mall and noticed I lost my bodyguard shit. I ran behind a bush and hit the fans ran the other direction thanks god

"selena over here" my bodyguard yelled through the car window the fans hear and started runnig towards me I got in the car and we drove back to my hotel room

"get your stuff we have to go to the airport"  he said , yes im going to see my friends and house, I quickly got everything and my bodyguard helped me since my bags kept increasing since the tour started.

we drove to the airport listening to music I didn't really care if my songs came on the radio. we arrived and saw paps and fans taking pics , how the hell did they get here so fast jeez being famous is hard, we made our way through the people and I showed my ticket as the checked my bags and let me on the plane .

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