Chapter 1: Can life get more pathetic???

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Chapter 1: Can life get more Pathetic??


"Katherine Anne Gonzales if you don't get your ass up right now and open this door I am going to crash this down and come inside. It is your wedding for god's sake" Said a very familiar voice from the other side of the door. I sighed, picked up my  heavy wedding dress, and made my way to the door. It opened to reveal a glaring Chlorina Johnson aka my best friend.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Kat. You can't mourn everyday for the rest of your life. Have you ever heard of moving on??"She asked me disappointedly.

I sighed "I know Chloe .I am trying. But you can't expect a wedding to change everything right."

She smirked "A wedding cant. But your husband can. Did you even see him?.He is a certain eye candy. This is like the best arranged marriage ever."

Yes. You heard that right. I am not married to the love of my life or my knight in the shining armor. Instead I am married to someone whose name or face I did not even pay attention to. And this marriage happened to be in one of the richest avenues in US. No. This is not a faux and neither am I a gold digger marrying someone for their money. My father Frederick Gonzales is one of the richest businessmen in New York and my mother Brenda Gonzales is a greatly respected Socialite. They are not the type of people who marry off their daughter to some stranger to seal a business deal or for money rather they are the type who love me immensely and would hate to be separated from me. This marriage is to get me out of the void I have been hiding in for the past nine months nursing my heartbreak. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Chloe waved her hand in front of my face

"Earth to Kat" she groaned.

"Sorry. I have a few things on my Mind." Actually that would be an understatement.

Her face fell as she said "Do you even know how lucky you are? Firstly you are married to the hottest guy in the world whom I should be banned to drool on, and secondly you have most amazing, beautiful and sexy best friend."

A tiny smile came onto my face as I asked "Are you talking about Sean??" referring to our other friend.

She grinned and said "No you idiot it's me. Now plaster that smile onto your face so we can go around and show off your dress, which I have to steal from you later, and THAT Ring"

I have to agree as that ring certainly was a piece of work.




My cheeks were paining from all the fake smiles I gave to people who congratulated me and I thanked the god as the evening came to an End. I grew so tired that I slumped on the nearest chair I found. I looked around and saw my parents talking to my father's parents. Chloe and Sean were stupidly dancing with each other and few of my cousins are engrossed in deep conversations which I am sure involves Gucci or Prada or all that stuff. I did not have a single encounter with the guy I married and I am thankful for it. When my parents saw me they made their way towards me. My mother's eyes glistened with tears and my fathers were filled with pride and love.

"So are you sure you are okay with all this Honey" my mom asked. I nodded. They need not know that I am doing this only for their happiness.

.While I was hugging them a guy in chauffeur's uniform made his way towards us


"Katie please"

"Ma'am Your car is ready to take you to your house."

I went around telling my Goodbye's which involved a lot of hugging and kissing and my way to the place where he was waiting.

"You can now lead the way Mr...."

"Jeffrey Ma'am"

"Well Jeffrey lets go now". He escorted me to a limousine.

Is this some kind of a Joke ? " What nonsense. This is not my car."

"But ma'am your husband is waiting inside and he sent me to all you." I groaned. I don't even know the guy's name for god sake. Jeffrey opened the door and I stumbled inside. I was ready to kiss the floor when a hand came up around my waist to pull me up.

The car is heavily tinted so it is hard for me to see my saviors' face but I could'nt ignore the shivers his touch through my body and his voice is deep and smooth as he silk asked me" Are you alright?"

I nodded and mentally slapped myself when I realized he can't see me. "Yeah" I croaked and landed on my seat in a ladylike way. That in my case means I just fell down.

He sat on the other side and the ride to his house passed away in silence. As we got near his house I almost gasped. I should not be called a house it is a freaking mansion. And don't even think that I liked it because I don't. When I was a child I had this dream house which is sufficient for a family. My family. But this is just too much. As soon as we entered the driveway he got out but I got a small glimpse of his face.


I sat there in shock as the handsomeness of his face sunk into me. Seriously god you made it your job to make my life a constant hell for the past few months and now you got me married to a Greek god . My life fells like a badly playd game. And I just don't know why I made that reference.

I scoffed as I got out to enter the beautiful house. Note the sarcasm. I saw an elderly looking lady looking at me warmly.


"Katie please"

"Well Katie. I am Maggie the care taker of this house. Your husband asked for a separate room so do you want to select yours "

I rolled my eyes. Glad to know that he is also not into this marriage. Now I need not feel guilty for not being a good wife. I nodded and she took me to hallway with 3 rooms. Only one of them is closed and I presume my darling husband is occupying that one. The room in the middle looked appealing and I decided to crash in that one. After helping me out of my dress Maggie arranged the bed and left. I was so tired that as soon as my head touched the pillow slumber hit me.


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