Trusting the Ashes

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Authors note: So I need to think one person that's been helping me A LOT Kanjii_Pharaohloid has been a great help with everything. So how did you like the last chapter comment on it so I can get your opinions ^^ are you ready for the next chapter? let's see if he gets saved.
chapter 4

I screamed even louder for Ash. each time his member brushed my entrance getting it prepped for his member. That's when I heard a loud growl followed by the pounding of feet on the gravel. I looked up at the figure unable to make out who it was that was about to save me from Jax and whispered "p-please don't let him rape me p-please." By the time Jax got up and pushed me aside there was a fist that met his jaw. causing him to double back groaning in pain all I could do was sit there off to the sidelines and just watch Jax get beat by this mysterious figure that looked so familiar at the same time.

They swapped more punches the mysterious figure gaining ground over Jax. The last punch was thrown by my rescuer right before it connected to his jaw knocking him out cold. The mysterious figure started to step towards me since I didn't know who he was I just stayed backed up against the wall of the bridge that's when his paw extended to my face cupping my left cheek causing me to wince at his touch I guess I cut it when I fell. Thats when it hit me it's Ash! Ash he came to save me! He did save me! He kept his promise! I pounced on him hugging him tight as he embraced me back. I heard him chuckle as he "how did you know it was me hun I could have been another stranger." I took his hands into mine and kissed him whispering "because a stranger would never make my heart beat like you do." A few seconds later he scooped me up and kissed me when I didn't kiss him back he asked me what was wrong and I told him that Jax tore the necklace of my neck and threw it off to the side somewhere. I heard a soft growl erupt from his chest causing me to rub on his chest telling him how sorry I was that I let him tear it off of my neck. Before I could continue he shushed me with his lips and reluctantly pulled back telling me it's okay that it wasn't my fault but I felt like it was my fault...

I hugged him close and saw a slight shine in the grass beside the bridge and pushed away from him and took off towards it and jumped for joy I found it! I found the second most important thing in the world! I FOUND THE NECKLACE!!

I ran over and hugged him tight almost at tears again and showed him I found it and with that he scooped me up bridle style and took me home in the rain. My mom bothered me and nagged at me trying to understand what took me so long to get home but I couldn't bring myself to tell her and plus I didn't want her to know. I had to alcohol poured on my cheeks and nose because they where cut and got them bandaged. My shower took longer than it usually did but I couldn't help it I broke down and just sat there and cried and cried till Ash cam in and got me out of the shower. He wrapped me in a towel but I could stop shivering and recalling everything that just happened our made me cry more which made me cry harder. Ash took me to my room and held me as close as he could I could till I could feel his warmth.

I could feel him chasing away the memories I could feel my heart call for him that's when I said it not even meaning to speak those four words "I love you Ash" and he said it back no hesitation in his voice he just said it back "I love you too Mitchell".

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