Chapter fifteen:

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Draco didn’t have to wait that long at all, Harry was only in the classroom another 20 or so minutes. As the class filed out, every student stared at Draco as they walked away; some even hovered to see what was going to happen. Draco wasn’t bothered, he had waited to do this for a while now and all that mattered was Harry’s reaction. Harry was nearly the last one out, followed by Weasley.

“Draco.” He grinned, he didn’t hesitate to throw himself into a big hug; Draco smiled gleefully as he tightly hugged Harry back. “How are you feeling?” Harry asked; something he’d asked Draco so many times over the past month. Draco was well aware that Weasley was staring at them, uncomfortably and irritably. Draco reminded himself that he was only irritated with Draco, and that he shouldn’t worry as long as he kept Harry happy.

“I’m completely fine, Harry.” Draco scoffed, “Better than fine now.” Harry pulled back and Draco kissed him lightly, not removing his hands from Harry’s waist. A few people gasped and the hallway erupted into whispers, Weasley cleared his throat awkwardly and Draco smirked.

“Feeling left out, Weasley?” Draco asked, raising his eyebrows. Weasley shot Draco and unimpressed look and folded his arms. Harry grinned, giving Draco a gentle Eskimo kiss and then stepped back completely; taking his hand in his own and squeezing it.

“Let’s go. I’m hungry.” Harry tugged on Draco’s hand and they both started walking; shortly accompanied by Weasley on the other side of Harry who was doing his best not to stare at Harry and Draco like everyone else was doing as they walked past. Draco felt anxious as they neared the Great Hall. He wasn’t worried about anyone saying anything, and he knew the reaction was going to be open mouths and unblinking stares but he didn’t want to have to split off from Harry and sit alone at his own table. Harry seemed to grasp this and they slowed as the Great Hall doors came into focus. “I’ll catch up, Ron.” Weasley didn’t question him, he continued straight into the hall and Harry turned to Draco; stroking his hand with his thumb. “I can come and sit with you.” Draco smiled gently, pushing Harry’s hair out of his face and staring at the beautiful familiar eyes he’d grown to dream about.

“Somehow I think Slytherin might react worse than Gryffindor.”

“Yeah,” Harry sighed. “Are you okay to sit with us?”

“I’m not that proud, Harry.” Draco scoffed; Harry raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Well, I’m not anymore.” He could tell Harry was wondering whether that was because now he was gay and he wasn’t proud of that but didn’t comment.

“They’re going to stare.” Harry grumbled; Draco felt a little bad. He didn’t want to force this upon Harry, if he was too uncomfortable; Draco would sit alone.

“We don’t have to-“

“No,” Harry cut him off, smiling. “I want to sit with you.”

“I want to sit with you too.” Draco smiled, Harry gave him another gentle kiss and they both squeezed each other’s hand. They walked slowly towards the doors and as they stepped inside, the unthinkable happened. Only a few people stopped and stared, some briefly paused before continuing their conversations and some only glanced. But the majority of people didn’t even look up from what they were doing. Draco felt strangely relieved and a lot more comfortable. Harry led him towards his table and a lot of Gryffindor’s looked up. Weasley seemed gazed undecidedly at the sight of Draco at this side of the room. Granger and the female Weasley however seemed thrilled Draco had accompanied Harry and Granger slid down the table further so there was enough room from the both of them. Harry made sure Draco was on the inside between him and Granger as Fred Weasley gaped at the side of them.

“Blimey Harry, I didn’t think you’d be so...well, so bold.” Fred muttered, Draco smirked and watched Harry get food from the table. He ate silently, replying to Harry every once in a while when he asked him something or squeezed his hand reassuring Draco. As the time drew on, Draco felt more uncomfortable. He’d never had thought he’d end up sitting at the Gryffindor table for lunch, nor did he think people would act so normally as he held hands with a boy, not only a boy though; the boy. The boy everyone admired and respected; dreamed of befriending. Harry was so incredible and everyone thought it. He was worried they would think less of him for dating Draco. And Draco couldn’t help feeling tense, like Harry was about to realise it and dismiss him. 

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