#10 Texas Chainsaw

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Texas Chainsaw

I opened my eyes, thinking I would have died on impact, but only looked around and down and saw I was covered in cuts and blood and the windscreen was shattered. My breathing quickened as I frantically tried to open my door, but to no avail.

“Help me!” I call out, pleading someone to hear me and help. I unbuckled my seatbelt and twisted my aching body towards my door, knowing it would be hopeless to try and get out of the passenger door seeing as that side got the worst of the tree. I pushed the door with as much force as I could muster but still failed. I had the window half down, to let the fresh air soak through the car and hoped it would wake me up; that obviously didn’t work. I tried the down window button, it moved an inch or two further but that left enough room for me to climb out. “Mother fucking bitch” I cursed as I slammed my hands on the ground in time to stop myself from face planting the ground. I wobbled as I tried to stand and saw people running towards me, awkwardly might I add. They were girls, and they were wearing heels, but there were some guys who were passing them, finding it easier to run in converse.

“Sophie! Holy crap; are you okay?” I heard Nick exclaim when he was a few feet away.

“I’m fine, only a few cuts and bruises- I’ll live”

“We passed your car when getting here, so we ran to see if you were alright” Jamie said when she made it and tackled me into a hug.

“You’ll get covered in blood, you know” I warned her when she didn’t let go.

“I have spare clothes incase of emergency, and I don’t care! My new-found sister was just in a mother fucking crash” she exclaimed in a rush of hysteria.

“How did you know it was me?”

“We didn’t, we were going to help the person anyway but then you decided to tumble out the window and we rushed because we love you so much” Sav said, as she eyed my car in shock.

“Speak for yourselves” I heard Chase say once he had finally strolled over towards us all.

“You know, you could try and act nice- what happens when it’s a serious crash?”

“I’ll throw a party” I heard him mutter.

“SON OF A BITCH!” Jamie shrieked before lunging at him, claws ready to scratch his eyes out. We watched as he flinched back but then she shoved him and ripped her nails down his cheek.

“Fuck” he cursed, looking at the blood on his fingers.

“That’s what you deserve you fucking jerk!” She screamed.

“ENOUGH!” Everybody turned to Nick. “Why are we arguing? Sophie just had a lucky escape, and Chase is being an arrogant prick like usual- which mate, totally uncalled for in this situation” he breathed in frustration, running a hand through his hair. “Jamie, you didn’t need to rip his face, but he deserved it”

“What’s the point?” Chase said, obviously bored and angry.

“What changed? We use to be so damn close and now we’re fighting like it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“I wouldn’t have cared so much if you bastards didn’t befriend this slut” and that’s when I cracked. I had heard it all before but Chase didn’t know anything. So I screamed and lunged at him, like Jamie only I managed to tackle him to the ground and punch and slap him before two pairs of strong arms grabbed an arm each and hoisted me up and off of Chase. I started fighting back but gave in and accepted defeat. “She’s such a crazy bitch, why can’t you see what’s right in front of you?” he yelled before I turned to the blaring sirens and stepped away from them. I gave them one last glance before the paramedics rushed to my side to help me.

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