"CHERRY" Jai's voice screamed which made me open up my eyes just to be faced with the deep brown hazel ones I was used too.

It was just a dream don't worry.

My lungs where heavy and I felt like I had just smoked a packet of 10 cigarettes in one go.

"Are you okay" said Jai holding me in his arms.

"No" I said before burying my head in his warm chest.

"What did you dream about? I could hear you screaming for about a mile away" he said sitting me back up and holding my face.

"It doesn't matter. It not real" I said gripping on too his tee-shirt trying to forget about it.

"I'm so sorry for acting the way I did Cherry" he said with pain in his voice.

"Are you really Jai" I said being bitchy and pushing him off me.

I stood up but only too fall straight back down again.

I looked down at my leg too see it was wrapped up in the tree roots.

So that why I fell.

"Hear, let me help you" said Jai trying to help, but he knew I was still pissed at him.

Once I had got my foot out I stood up, again and stayed up.

I walked off form Jai trying to find somewhere to have a hot bath.

"Cherry" said Jai small voice behind me.

I did not stop, I just kept walking.

"Cherry, Cherry please" said Jai his voice cracking.

That made me stop.

As much as Jai annoyed the fuck out of me, I hated too see him upset.

I turned around too see Jai standing about ten steps behind me tears streaming down his face.

My heart broke there and then.

What is this bad boy doing to me?

Jai tried to look away from me but he couldn't hide the fact that he was crying.

I sat down on a tree trunk which had fallen down.

"Jai, I'm sorry for shouting at you before" I said playing with my fingers.

"No, y-you h-had e-every r-right t-to b-be m-m-mad" said Jai inbetween crying.

"Jai come here" I said holding out my arms which made Jai walk towards me.

"Cherry... I-I'm, I'm sorry" Jai said composing himself a little.

"Its okay" I said holding Jai hand.

"No its not. I left you. If anything happened to you, I would not be able to live with myself" he said looking at me in the face.

"But nothing happened" I said cupping his face "And nothing is going to happen" I said leaning in and planting a short but sweet kiss on his lips.

We both sat in silence just trying to processes what had just happened.

"Jai, what are we going to do" I asked looking at Jai who had his head down.

"What do you mean" he said looking at me and rubbing the tip of his nose with the back of his hand.

"We can't run forever" I said trying to hold back the tears.

"We're not going to run forever, but just for a little while longer" he said squeezing my hand.

"How much longer" I said tears treating to fall.

"I don't know" he said almost crying also.

"Will we ever go back to Melbourne" I asked thinking about my mum and how worried she would be right now.

"No" he said sighing.

"What about our families" I said letting go of Jai and putting my head in my hands.

"We don't need our families we have each other" he said taking my hands again and holding them.

I looked at Jai and could see pure worry in his eye's but a reassuring smile on his face.

"We can go somewhere" he said thinking.

"New Zealand" I said because I've always wanted to go there.

"England" he said laughing.

"New York".

"Italy" he said in an Italian ascent.

"BARBADOS" I said I little too loud.

"You see we can go anywhere" said Jai standing up facing me and holding out his arms wide "We don't need shitty Australia". (Sorry it that offends you but it's just apart of the story and I don't mean it.)

I did not say anything but it made me happy that I and Jai had made up.

"We can grow old together" he said kneeling down in front of me and holding my hands.

"Really" I asked in disbelief.

"Really" he said right before giving me a kiss.

This kiss was different from the rest.

It was full of love and passion.

He was slow and sweet but made me feel like the only girl in the world.

Jai slowly pulled away and I could still feel a tingle on my lips where his had once been.

"Now lets get out of hear" he said pulling me up and leading me back too the hotel with his hand in mine.

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