Chapter 2

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Monday came along and I dragged myself out of bed. My brother and sister were screaming, "I don't want to go to school!" I got dressed, brushed my teeth and put my contacts in. I hated wearing glasses. They mad my face look

When I got to school I was greeted by an over enthusiastic June running at me. Her smile lit up the world. She ran at me and started talking. "Ok so I think we should go to either the zoo or the pool or the movies or maybe go see a play this weekend! What do you think?"

"Calm down. It is eight am on Monday. The weekend is far away." I laughed and walked over to put my backpack on a hook. Soon I saw Lucy running down the hall. She jumped for the last hook and placed her backpack down claiming it.

I walked into Mrs. Fitz's classroom followed by June. Lucy waved to us and then skipped into Mr. Crammer's room. We sat down right as the bell rang and watched our teacher wobble to the front of the room and take attendance. After that she put the CNN student news on. We watched for a while and then we were off to music class.

Lunch came along and we all met up at our usual table. Even though we don't have assigned spots we never change seats. I had a cheese and butter sandwich and a pop tart in my lunch.

"So how was science?" Lucy asked with a mouthful of pasta. "Fine." June and I responded as if it was a rehearsed line. "I can't wait for this weekend!" June squealed. "Me too. Val, are we going to your place Friday?" Lucy cracked up as she saw me trying to respond but gaging on my juice box instead. I just nodded.

"Eight grade table captains!" I heard the grumbly voice of our custodian shout. I got up a couple minuets later and walked happily to recess with Lucy and June. We played Four square with the seventh graders and constantly got out because we weren't paying attention. Instead we were singing wonderful songs. Disney.

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