B. (Better)

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  • Dedicated to All those who battle cancer.

She remembers it all, those memories from the past,

that happiness pouring from the skies,

being three drinks down at the nightclub,

waiting for the hangover to silently pass.

She remembers those moments with her son,

in the backyard, with age old toys,

making castles out of grains of sand,

and tears were just a choice.

She recollects those moments with him,

that kiss in the fading moonlight,

that love so deep and untamed,

leaving pain out of sight.

And today with a picture in a frame,

and breathing out a few tears, the ventilator aside,

she taps at her bald head,

trying to see the 'better' side.


*For all those beautiful people battling out cancer.*


 The word 'better' was suggested by Cici.

CatchingSnowflakes here on wattpad. Thanks for the wonderful support. :)

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