Chapter 15: A Taste Of Death

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Rikka and others' POV

"Master, do you think they can handle the enemy?" Dekomori asked her "She looks quite frightening, I hope that the sniper and swordsman can defeat her" Kumin continued. Rikka was silent at first. She thought, even though she knows that the odds of defeating her is high, there is this dark aura from her that may provoke her into an attack, but remembering the last words they said to her gave her reassurance. "They can vanquish the enemy, i'm sure of it" that was The Tyrant's Eye's reply and continued running. Static from the radio made them stop running "Rikka-chan, the four of you must reach your friends" Asada's voice was heard from the radio "Antonov and I...Will not make it there since-" A slashing sound was heard and it was all silent. "Master...Are they..." Dekomori didn't finish the sentence, since she already knew the answer "Let's continue, there's nothing we can do about it now" Nibutani replied "Mori Summer-chan, Don't you have any spell that can revive dead people?" Kumin asked as she looks down "If I had a spell like that, then I would've revived all of the ones that we saw lying on the ground" Nibutani also lowered her head. "Rikka-chan, can you look and see where Yuuta and the others are?" She asked Rikka, who is now pulling her eyepatch. "It seems that there are a group of people fighting a hundred meters west of our position, even though the Tyrant's Eye doesn't recognize them, I sense the Dark Flame Master's aura in there" Rikka replied and started running, followed by the others.

"Master, look" Dekomori pointed at the building and saw several explosions "Yuuta!" Rikka screamed, trying to reach him and the others. "Rikka!" a voice replied "It's them" She told the three and spawned her weapon, which were followed by everyone else. A group of enemies ambushed them and fired their guns "Schwarz Shield!" Rikka created a forcefield enough for them to fit, then Dekomori jumped high "Mjolnir Strike!" She slammed her hammer into the earth and caused a short earthquake, and most of the soldiers lost their balance. "Eternal Lullaby" Kumin then played a few notes on her harp and light beams hitted the enemies, which made them fall asleep. "Good work" Nibutani praised her friends and unleashed a strong wind "which threw the vehicles away that were charging at them "Thunder Bolt!" She raised her staff and lightning hitted those vehicles, effectively destroying them. The pathway was now open and they ran to the three figures which are their friends "Yuuta! You're safe!" Rikka jumped towards the Dark Flame Master and hugged him tightly, which were followed by the rest of the group. "How did you see each other" Kumin asked Yuuta, still attached from Rikka "Isshiki and I were together since we separated, then we were found by Shichimiya during a fight against them" he pointed at the mixed group of soldiers, knights and other creatures. Shichimiya then laughed "It's a good thing I saw Hero and Isshiki, if it wasn't because of me, then they would be prisoners now. How about you Tyrant's Eye, how did you see each other?." "I was at first lost, then two people, both snipers, helped me until I saw Mori Summer and the others. Then a strong enemy just suddenly teleported in our place, then..." Rikka stopped and placed her hand on her mouth. "The two let us run to meet you, giving us one of their radio to signal to tell us if they succeeded. After a few minutes, we heard one of them say that they would not make it and we heard a slashing sound...They...Were both...Killed" Dekomori finished the story and hung her head.

"Ara ara, is this a reunion I see?" Lucrezia played with her spear as she went nearer the group. The seven then formed a defensive circle, with Rikka and Yuuta at the middle "The two were quickly disposed, but I assume this is going to be better" She continued. Knights then were formed from the accumulated black sand "Cesare, I see that you also came here, but for what reason? An armoured knight with a lion engraving on the chestplate replied "I'm here to kill them" Lucrezia then pointed her spear at him "These seven are mine to kill, go find someone else." "Didn't you know, the couple that you just killed earlier were members of the Knights Of The Blood Guardian Force. Namely, Shino Asada and Antonov Cherdenko. So you can take a break now, I'll handle them" Cesare calmly replied. "The two weren't as strong as I thought, Fine, you take those three, while I handle the rest" She negotiated and Cesare nodded. Black sand are starting to form at the knight, it is also taking shape, which looks like a lion. "Well, then, shall we commence battle?" He asked the group, "Reality be rent" Rikka started the incantation "Synapse break" dark aura flowed into them "Vanishment, this world!"

Right where they stand, a magic circle was formed "Classic intro" Cesare mumbled and turned into black sand, then teleported behind Isshiki, and tried to slash him, but the forcefield prevented him from doing so, "Magic eh? Lucrezia-" She raised her hands and created a large beam "I know, take care of the forcefield." Green light then tried to penetrate the magic shield and the shield was eradicated "Dark Matter Blaze!" Rikka raised her weapon and a dark orb was formed and tried to hit Lucrezia, but was dispelled by her attack. "Not bad, Tyrant's Eye" She applauded Rikka and was hit by lightning "That is for mocking my Master" Dekomori charged, with her sledgehammer up high "Mjolnir Hammer!" she slammed it into her enemy. Her hammer then was slowly disappearing "What the-" She was then kicked by Cesare and slammed into a wall of the building. After seeing her friend hit the wall, Kumin played few notes on her harp "Final Rest" A bell started ringing and a beam of light targeted Lucrezia "If you think, that's going to stop me, you're wrong" She blocked the beam successfully, but is having a hard time doing it. Kumin played more notes and is slowly taking away her energy, "Ara ara, it seems like this is going to be finished early, Cesare, if you must" Lucrezia formed into black sand and disappeared, then Cesare readied his shield "Drop dead already" The light beam hitted the shield and was reflected back to Kumin. She was frozen solid and couldn't move a muscle, Nibutani created a shield in order to block the beam but was easily destroyed "H-how, this can't be" her eyes widened in shock, then suddenly, someone tried to block the beam Kumin warned him "Stop! You'll only kill yourself" Isshiki smiled "I might as well die with you, Kumin-senpai."

Cesare watched as the two got hit by Kumin's beam. "Better to die with her, pathetic, as if that will change anything." Nibutani went to check the pulse of the two "Mori Summer-chan, it's no use Kumin's "Final Rest" can stop the blood flow of the person being hit by the beam, they're dead" Dekomori said as she wrapped her arms on Nibutani's waist, with tears coming out of her eyes "It doesn't have to end this way, why do they have to die?" She tightened her grip on her staff "This is how the new world works, and besides, they'll also die someday, we just speed up the process" Lucrezia plays again with her spear. "Tell you what, I'll give you the time to run, then we'll try to find you" Cesare opens the deal "One" Rikka, Yuuta, Dekomori, and Nibutani started to run "Two" the voice began to faint as they run farther away "Where are we supposed to go, any ideas?" Yuuta asked Rikka, "There is one place we could go" she replied. The three sighed in relief "Where must we go in order to find refuge master?" Dekomori asked with enthusiasm "The Knights Of The Blood." Rikka replied "That's the only place we can find refuge."

"Do you think they got away?" Lucrezia asks as she piled the bodies of those her comrades and her enemies "They wouldn't go that far, and besides, where would they go? they'll just wander around this city and then die" Cesare replied "Did you take the bodies of the sniper couple?" Lucrezia raised her arms and made a quizzical look. He gave her a serious glance and then sighed. She took him to the place of the scene, but what they just saw there are a pool of dried blood "You said you killed them" Cesare scolded her "I did, maybe something took them away and had them for dinner" Lucrezia responded quickly, with beads of sweat flowing at her cheeks "We have to find those bodies as proof" he continued to scold her, then she nodded and moved on.

Same location
15 minutes ago

She stared at those bodies, her red hair flowing through the direction of the wind, She then looked at her brother who is also staring at the couple as well "Should we take them in?" she asked him, and he nodded. A magic circle was formed at each of the bodies, the young woman then placed a chess piece, a bishop for the girl, a knight for the boy. She placed those pieces in the chest of the two, "Both of you, live for my sake" That is what the young girl had said before those pieces went through the skin and the magic circles were dispersed "let's carry them" the boy said, then another magic circle was formed at the feet of the twins and they all disappeared into thin air.

"Am I...alive?"

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