Chapter 8

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*Chapter 8*

Ariana's POV

Today was a day I never expected to happen...

My first fight with Zayn. We've been together for nearly 4 months and today was our first fight..

But what couples doesn't have it's ups and downs?

"You are insane!" Zayn shouted.

"I'm insane?" I shouted even louder. God, why can't this just end?

"Yes! You are fucking insane!"

"Excuse me! You are the one that got jealous over nothing! I didn't do anything wrong! I just went out with Justin for a walk!"

"Exactly! You act like it's nothing! You went out with him! Him! You have no idea what you got yourself into Ariana!"

Ariana... He barely calls me Ariana anymore. He always calls me Ari...

"What have I gotten myself into?" I say calmly yet I was still irritated.

"You don't know Justin. I've been mates with him since forever and I know what he's like. I've lost contact with him 4 years ago. After I found out what his intentions were"

I didn't know wherever to believe that. Justin was such a nice and sweet guy..

"He wants to be my friend. He's nice, sweet, caring and a great company. I will do what I want to do!"

My anger was raging inside of me.

"You know what? Fine! Have it your way! Don't call me, look for me or send me any messages. I don't want to know you!" I shouted and I took my bag, put my shoes on and ran out the door before any of the boys found me.

I didn't know where I was running.. Somehwhere. Just to get away from him..

I was beyond pissed. Who does he think he is? He can't control me, he has no right!

I could fly back home to Ireland... Where my family is..

And that was what I'm going to do. Zayn has no fucking right to control me. And never will. I'm an adult I can do what I want!

I ran back home.. If I can even call it a home.

I went upstairs, not caring if Zayn saw me and for the first time I didn't care how I looked.

I went into ou- his bedroom and took my suitcase from under the bed. I saw his tall figure outside on the balcony sitting on a chair, his head rested in his hands.

I took all my stuff from the wardrobe and thrown them into the suitcase.

I saw him stand up but I didn't care. He walked over to me and took my wrists in his hands.

I tried pulling away but he was too strong.

"Ari.. I'm sorry" he said, his voice shaky. I never wanted to hear his voice shaking.. yet here I am, watching him cry..

"Don't" I said sternly and managed to pull away from his grip. I took my suitcase and zipped it up.

Just as I picked it up, he took it from me and put it back on the floor, holding my wrists stronger as ever.

"Tell me you didn't mean it" he said softly.

"I did! I meant every fucking word I said! Now leave me alone! I want to leave this place!" I shouted and pulled away from his grip again.

I took my suitcase and ran down the stairs. I saw Niall but I didn't care.

"What did you do?!" I heard Liam shouting but I just kept walking.

I ran out the door and kept running. I saw a taxi. I waved my hand for it to stop and I put my luggage into the back and sat at the front.

"Where to Miss?"

"Heathrow Airport" I said and rubbed off all of my make up that was now smudged on my face.

"Why so late? It's midnight" he asked me but I never answered. "Ok. I won't push it" he said and continued driving the car.

One hour later, we got to the airport.

"How much?" I asked.

"Don't worry Miss. It's fine" he said and I nodded. I took my luggage and thanked the driver.

I went inside the airport and straight to the ticket desk. She printed off my ticket and I thanked her and walked off to the gates.

My flight was in 5 minutes so I went straight into the plane. There wasn't much people and I was thankful. I didn't wants crowd around.

"Flight 0034 leaving in 2 minutes" I heard the attendant say into the microphone.

I was already on the plane. I decided to take a rest. I let the sleep take over me.

2 hours later I arrived in Ireland. As the plane landed, I took my bags.

The plane landed and I went off the plane.

I was immediately struck by the fresh air. It was nice to be home..

Home sweet home...

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