~Elsa's P.O.V~

Today is my Coronation Day I'm wearing a gown with a long purple cape and my hair is on a bun. I was feeling nervous and scared because I'm gonna be the queen of Arendelle. I looked outside the window and saw many people going to the castle wearing fancy gowns and suits.

I began holding some golden items my eyes became wide that the items became frozen. I placed them on the table. I began wearing the pair of blue gloves that my father gave me I missed him so much even my mother. "Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know make one wrong move everyone will know" I said to myself.

I went outside of my room and went to check on Anna I'm tired of shuting people and the world out. I knocked on her door and said "Anna, are you there?". "Yes Elsa you may come in" I heard her say to the other side of the door. I opened the door and went inside Anna's room I saw her sitting at the bed wearing a beautiful green dress.

I looked at her but she looked away. "I'm sorry it's my fault" I said to her feeling sad. "It's okay I forgive you" she said to me with a closed lip smile. Both of us started hugging each other. It feels good to have my sister back.

"Come on, let's go!" I said to her grabbing her arm. We finally made it. Everyone stared at us when we entered the room. I went to the center and bowed my head a little. Someone stood in front of me and he putted the crown on my head. "The gloves?" the man said to me. I began taking off my gloves and hid it into my pocket. I held the real golden items in front of me.

"Queen Elsa of Arendelle!" the man said behind me. I noticed that I almost froze the golden items I putted the golden items back to where it belongs and I began wearing my pair of blue gloves again. The people applaud and began cheering for their queen.

I saw Anna standing while smiling at me at the corner of the room. I smiled back at her. "Don't be the queen of Arendelle be the queen of Darkness" someone said in my head.

Suddenly I saw someone with pale skin, wearing dark clothes, and black hair. He stood on the other corner of the room and smirked at me. I looked at Anna and then I looked at him.

I looked at Anna again but when I looked at him he dissapeared in the shadows.

I stood and froze on who I just saw.

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