Chapter fourteen:

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“So I can go?” Draco asked eagerly, a grin formed as soon as the realisation revealed itself in Madam Pomfrey’s long winded speech about how Draco was recovering rapidly and how staying in here might not help him regain full strength as much as getting fresh air would. Madam Pomfrey sighed petulantly, giving up on getting through to Draco. He clearly wasn’t thinking of his health, just of escaping the walls he’d inhabited for the past month. She understood though, of course she did; Christmas was 3 weeks away and she’d overheard him fuming that he had a lot of things to do. There were also his studies he needed to catch up on before the end of the year as he’d missed a vital lot. But she still wished he would look after himself more, he was still a little out of sorts and his headaches still visited him regularly.

“Yes, Mr Malfoy; I guess you can. I will stop by your room later on with some pain relief potions for your headaches. You are to go straight to Professor Dumbledore’s office first thing though, no stalling. He has important things to discuss with you. I’m sure Mr Potter can wait a few more minutes.” Draco smirked, was it that obvious that he wanted to see Harry? The thought of surprising Harry as he walked out of Potions was exhilarating, he practically bounced in anticipation. So much that he nearly missed Madam Pomfrey’s comment about how she would come to his room. Not his dorm not his common room. Was that what Professor McGonagall wanted to talk to him about? Was he being relocated?

“All right,” Draco stood up and took his clean school robes to the bathroom; Harry had brought him them with Millicent’s help as Harry obviously couldn’t collect the robes himself. Draco couldn’t understand why Millicent would help Draco but what was more of a surprise was that she spoke to Harry and agreed to help him. Draco changed and made himself look smart, mostly for Harry but he also didn’t want to give the impression he was weak and looking messy could only portray bad things. Draco checked himself in the mirror and adjusted his tie. Harry was going to be thrilled to see him, he just knew it.

Draco did as Madam Pomfrey told him though; he collected his things and carried them with him to Professor Dumbledore’s office. He had only ever been inside a few times and none of those were for good reason. This time however, he was not nervous. As the stairs escalated him spirally, he found himself right outside Dumbledore’s office. He hesitated momentarily, wondering if he was going to get wrong for hitting Victor but then shrugged the idea away. He doubted after the punishment of healing, he couldn’t be punished any worse. He knocked politely out of respect and only entered when he heard Professor Dumbledore’s voice tell him to. He pushed the oak doors forward and stepped inside.

“Good day to you Mr Malfoy. I’m glad to see you in such health.” Dumbledore automatically said from a few metres away from Draco. Draco could tell this wouldn’t be a long visit, and he also didn’t know how to respond to his headmaster. He knew Harry would have said something nice or thanked Dumbledore for something or other but Draco’s words didn’t form. Professor Dumbledore was no fazed however. “I guess you’re wondering why I sent for you. Draco, what happened between you and Victor, Michael and Thomas was terrible. And they are suffering the consequences of their own actions, and despite not wanting you to suffer any more than you already have; your professors and I have deemed it in your best interest if you spend the rest of the school year in your own quarters. We assure you it is only to keep you safe from fellow students as they come to terms. Also, your healing process is still in its own happening, Madam Pomfrey would still like to keep an eye on you. She can do your checkups more privately from now on if you so do wish.” Dumbledore explained; Draco just nodded along; not quite sure what he meant about protecting him from other students. He understood that others might act like Victor but he doubted they could do worse; Draco however accepted the situation for what it was and was glad his professors and Dumbledore had taken his best interests into consideration. “This does not make you an exception from school rules though, you are still to retire to your room at the same time as your peers and there will be no walking around the castle at night.” Draco wanted to ask if he was allowed other people in his room, well not people; Harry. But he didn’t want Dumbledore enquire into anything about he and Harry. “Professor McGonagall is waiting outside; she will take you to your room. If you have any questions or any worries, feel free to come and see me Draco.” Draco nodded.

“Thank you, Sir.” He mumbled, Professor Dumbledore smiled contently and Draco left. Finding his professor outside like Dumbledore had told him. She smiled at him and then turned to lead him down the stairs; Draco noticed how she looked almost sympathetic when she smiled. He hoped that not all his professors regarded him with such sympathy. It was awfully awkward. Especially since Draco felt perfectly fine; except for a few minutes here and there when he was tired and even then it wasn’t that bad. Not bad enough for people to feel sorry for him.

It didn’t take long for them to find Draco’s new room; Professor McGonagall told him his password was ‘Phoenix feathers’. She didn’t accompany him inside; she simply told him not to be late to his class after lunch and departed. Draco was too late in asking about his things but was relieved when he found his clothes in a closet inside. It was a plain room, no clue as to house favouritism so Draco gathered he wasn’t the first person to use this room. He had a double bed in the far corner which was also posted with curtains, Draco wasn’t positive he’d ever shut them but he liked them all the same. They were a nice mahogany colour, reminding him of the piano in the Slytherin common room. His closet full of clothes were at the other end, next to another door which was the small but large enough for Draco bathroom. It was clean and had a mirror in as well. There was a small fireplace which Draco lit, a mud coloured sofa in front of it and a desk in front of the small round window which let day light shine through.

All in all, it was quite big and simple but Draco liked it. As long as he and Harry were comfortable here, it would do nicely. He dropped off his books and things that he’d accumulated on the ward, things such as ‘get well soon’ cards from a few people Draco was surprised even cared he was injured, people like Pansy, Millicent, Granger and some boy from Ravenclaw that Draco had never met. He had other things like an alarm clock, some chocolate and a leather bracelet Harry had gotten him. That he decided to put on as he gazed at it.

Draco left the room, looking back at the portrait of a wizard in old clothes and long grey hair that wore a resemblance of Dumbledore. The wizard stared back at him, glancing awkwardly left and right as he wondered what Draco was doing. Draco just didn’t want to forget the door to his room, he went straight to Potions. Leaning on the wall outside, wishing he’d checked the time in case Harry wasn’t going to be finished for another hour or something. Oh well, at least he had something to look forward to. 

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