Tonight I am going on a Date with Nathan. After the guys had begged me to go out with Nathan I said just the one date. I am panicing as I don't know what to wear.

With an hour to go I had eventually decided what to wear ... ... I squirted myself with perfume just as a knock came at the door.

I ran over to the door. I sorted my hair out and gave a slight tug of my dress before answering the door.

"Hi." I said as I looked at what Nathan was wearing a smart shirt and jeans.

"Hi." he said. "Are you ready?"

"Yeah." I said as I grabbed my clutch bag.

"Are you okay to walk? It's not that far..."

"Yeah." I said.

"You look beautiful by the way." Nathan said as we made our way down the stairs.

"You don't look to bad yourself... thank you." I smiled, sweetly at him. "Where are we going?"

"We are going to the local takeaway place... no, I'm joking... we are going to the resaurant over the road... about a five minute walk."

"So it isn't really over the road?"

"Well, no." he scratched the back of his neck.

"You really don't have to be nervous around me..."


"Loads of guys always scratch their neck and stutter when they talk to me... I feel really guilty... please just act like we have known each other for ages."

"I don't get nervous when I am around you."

"Nathan, please don't lie."

"Listen, I struggle around pretty girls because I'm socially awkward."

"Am I pretty?"

"Of course."

"Thank you!"

... ... ... ...

After our meal Nathan said he would walk me home.

"You really don't have to bother." I said.

Just then a guy ran past and bumped into me. I stumbled backwards and Nathan caught me.

"Yeah, but you can't look after yourself properly can you?" he joked.

"Very funny." I said.

Nathan left his arm around my waist. He obviously thought it was going to happen again.

"What is happening in that busy life of yours?" I asked.

"Well, we are shooting the video to Lose My Mind soon." he said.

"That sounds cool."

"What are you doing?"

"I have a meeting tomorrow with a guy called Chris."

"What about." his arm around me tensed as he spoke.

"Modeling. I don't have anything else to do with my life."

"Well, I hope it all goes to plan... and I guess... I'll see you around."

I realised that we were back at my flat.

"Goodbye Nathan. I had a lovely time tonight." I said.

"So did I."

I kissed his cheek briefly.

"Goodbye Phoebe." he said before turning on his heel and walking off.

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