Chapter Thirteen.

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Chapter 13

Annettes POV: 

I was just sitting in my room trying to decided whether or not to text Kevin and tell hime that I had seen him in his living room with some chick. How could he be soooooo pissed at me and even break up with me but he moved on so quick? I decided to just say fuck it and walk down the street to his house.

Once I got there I seen him walking in the house with that same girl I wanted to comfront her sooooooooooo bad but I decided to just keep my cool and just go knock on the door once they are completely inside.


I knocked on the door, but it was taking him a while to answer. Like he just walked inside he couldn't have went but soooooo far. Just as I was about to walk to the side of the house, that hoe opened the door.

"Hi, can I help you?" she said.

"No you can't but you can get the fuck out my way" I said.

"How about no. This is not your damn house, so you can do me a favor and leave" she said.

"And it's not yours either, you're nothing but another hoe of Kevins. So get the fuck out of my way so his main bitch can go talk to him"  I said.

She just started laughing. Like what the fuck is so damn funny. She's doing nothing but pissing me off even more.

"What the fuck is so got damn funny bitch?" I said.

"Hahahahahaahhahahaha you must be Annette," she said.

" TF? So he telling his hoes my name now? Uhhhh huh bishhhh get the fuck out of my way!" I said.

"You should really chill. He doesn't tell his HOES your name but he does tell his family. Oh btw I'm his COUSIN Victoria." she said.

"Oh, I'm sooooooooo sorry" I said.

"Uh huh I bet, but go in. he's in the kitchen" she said.

"Uh thanks" i said walking in. I literally felt so damn stupid! Ughhhhh she probably hates me now. I really need to learn how to control my damn temper. I walked in the kitchen and seen him sitting at the table texting.

"Uhhh hey Kevin.." I said.

"Annette what are you doing here. I told you I wanted nothing to do with you." he said.

"I know but Kevin I'm really sorry. I know I messed up something great and I've been doing nothing but beating myself up about it . If I could take it all back I would! I felt as though since you were always busy that you were cheating on me so I decided that I should get back at you by messing around too. He meant nothing. He was just someone cool to hang out with. I should have just talked to you before doing something stupid. I just want my baby back. I'm in love with you Kevin. I didn't know at first but now, I am for sure. I love you!" I said starting to get teary eyed. I never cry over guys. I was heartless. Always have been. There was an awkward silence. I was just looking down at the table.

"I'll just go, jus-" I was interrupted 

"No don't. I'm in love with you too Annette. I have been for a minute but I just didn;t know how to tell you. I forgive and I will take you back." he said.

I ran over to him and kissed him passionately. I got my baby back!

Adrians POV:

I still can't believe that X just hung up on me. I tried calling him back but i got no answer. I even left a voicemail. I tried even texting but I got no replies. I just want to sit here and cry! I feel like shit! HOw could I be so stupid and go along with everything that Annette did. I should have just told him the truth to begin with. I turned my laptop and cut on "I love you" by Faith Evans and started reading through all our messages. I just started to cry all over again. My mom walked into my room and asked was I okay because she said she heard crying. I lied and told her I was fine. Just going through a lot and wanted to be alone. She shook her head okay and just walked out the door. How am I suppossed to tell my mom that I was dating someone online and he's not talking to me because I lied about who I am. She would kill me because that is just like me saying I am ashamed of the person I am. I just cut everything off in my room and just decided to lay down. 

Xaviers POV: 

I can't do shit but look at the picture. Maybe I am overreacting but this girl lied to me, and I can;t help but think what the hell else has she been lying to me about. Honestly I want nothing to do with her at all. I can't be with a liar. I went ahead and texted her saying not to contact me anymore. I thought she was different but nawwwww she just like every other hoe I know. Once I texted her I was surprised to see that she hasn't replied and It has been almost 30min. I can;t lie, I'm in my feelings but oh well I don't want her anyway. I picked up my phone and called my baby mama.

Her: Hello?

Me: What you up too?

Her: Laying in bed. Why you being so nice? Trouble in paradise?

Me: Damn, what you got on? 

Her: Nothing. Now answer my question.

Me: That has nothing to do with you now are you trying to fuck or naw?

Her: Hell yeah daddy, I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Me: Aite.

I hung up. She does whatever I say. I just need some ass because I'm stressed and well she got that good good. 

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