Life Chapter 1: The Promise

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Once upon a time, there was a little boy named K, and a little girl named O.

They were both born the same time from different families, but far far away from each other.

They both grew and started going to school. O was known as the laziest among her classmates, she never did anything great and never listens to the lesson. K was the class clown of the batch, he always make other people smile and laugh.

O's parents were supporting her very much from every little thing, but never get the opportunity to excell her efforts. K had only a mother, his father was long gone from his life. K and his mother are always together, they were happy with each other.

They both grew from very nice, good, and supportive families.

Now, as time passes by,... They both grew older and older, now that they're both Grade 4.

One day O's father died,.. O and her mother were so sad and started having problems in life, like the loss of money. They both grew poorer and poorer. O started to realize that she should work hard for her mother which has an ailment causing her to have no money for herself because of the need of the money for her mothers cure.


"Mommy! I need you mommy!"

"Don't die on me" O said,



"Promise me that you will take good care of me, and yourself!"

"O!" He mother said,

"Yes, mommy"

"I promise!" She said,

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