Chapter Twenty One

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I tried to pop my head out but only ended bumping it on the door as a figure got in. What the Fuck?

I held my right temple.



I checked my fingers if theres blood, but found nothing.

Argh. Who the heck is this idiot anyway?!

I opened my eyes, seeing brown shoes and fitted jeans.

Ugh. Is this person crazy?!

Wait.. I checked my outfit and saw that I was only wearing the red bra that Harry gave me and the short shorts Harry lend me.


I covered myself up and slowly lifted my head to see who the fucking idiot is.


This isn't good..

My icy blue eyes met emerald ones.


Anger started boiling in me. Who wouldn't if you where in the middle of fitting then suddenly an idiot comes in?!

It's embarrassing! >//<

"What the fuck, Harry!" I yelled,

"Shhh!! They'll here you!" He shushed, covering my mouth with his enormous hands.


I slapped his hands away,

"What are you doing?! I'm in the middle of fitting this garments and you start barging in?! GODDAMNIT!" I whisper-yelled at Harry.

"I just wanted to see how you look in that red bra." He said,


I opened my mouth to say something..

"I want to see you unclip that red bra." I backed away,

"I want to see you slide it slowly down your luscious body." I backed away again,

"I want to see your body tense at every movement." I backed away one more time, my back hitting the cold, hard wall. I flinched a bit but kept my eyes on Harry's.

I saw a mixture of lust and seriousness. They were dark than before.

I back away because with every sentence he makes, he takes a step forward.

I was shocked of what he just said. I couldn't find the right words.

"H-Harry.." I said, almost like a whisper.

He chuckled, "You look so hot on that red bra, babe."

Ugh. Harry.

I punched his arm playfully,

"Nice joke Harry." I laughed a bit.

I nearly jumped when he slammed his arms on the wall at both sides of my head.

"I'm serious, Gail." He said. Wow, he is. And it scares me..

"I'm sorry Ha-" I froze when Harry suddenly puts his lips on mine. Moving it slowly.

There I stood, in complete shock at Harry's actions.

But damn, his lips are just.. ugh.

I want to kiss them back.

I closed my eyes in anticipation and moved my lips with his. In sync.

As we kiss, we make loud kissing sounds which kinda turns me on..

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