I Am Here For Erin

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Sam's Point of View

It's been an hour since Cas went to save Erin and we've all been antsy. Gabriel more antsy than others. I've seen a big difference in Gabriel over the past few hours. He seemed to have grown a new personality or something.

"This is taking way to long," Dean complains as he stands up from his chair.

"What are you saying?" I ask.

"I'm saying we need to do something!" He snaps back.

"And what do you suggest? We just splash a bit of water on her and she'll wake up?" Gabriel shoves in.

Again, he's really changed character.

"Well it's better than nothin.." Dean mumbles as he crosses his arms.

"Gabriel, do you think you could go into Erin's mind like Cas did?" I ask.

Gabriel looks over to Erin with a pitiful look on his face. He looked as if he wanted to but he was afraid for some reason.

"I don't think that's the best idea." He finally says.

"Well why not? It'll make things go on a lot faster!" Dean says.

Gabriel sighs.

"Come on, you're our best shot." I add

He looks back at Erin and finally nods. He walks over to the bed side and slowly places his hand on her forehead. He gives me one last look before he vanishes.

Erin's point of view

With Cas walking behind me, I turn a corner leading to an alley way. Before I could stop, I suddenly run into a black figure. I scream for my life but was suddenly silenced by a familiar hushing sound coming from the figure I ran into.

"Gabriel? What are you doing here?" Cas says, taking a step toward him.

"You two were taking too long, Sam and Dean sent me to make sure you weren't dead."

"Well that's re-assuring." I roll my eyes.

"You do know how to get out of here right?" Gabriel turns to Cas.

"Yes, of course. I just .. haven't found it yet." Cas puts his head down like a puppy.

Gabriel giggles to himself and then says, "Well, obviously unlike you, I would like to get out of here as soon as possible. So if you two would be so kind as to follow me in the right direction, that would be lovely." He pushes past me and leaves Cas with wide eyes.

Cas looks at me and I shrug, turning to follow Gabriel. I've noticed how different Gabriel has been around me. He seems more.. protective and outgoing than he was when we first met.

We turned another corner and then another but only to find another corner.

I grab Gabriel's shoulder and pull him to a stop. "I hope you know you're doing as well, Gabriel."

"I do. I'm looking."

"Looking for what?" I ask with a serious tone.

"The Grue."

"Excuse me?"

"The Grue." He repeats.

"Yes I heard you, but .. what?"

"The Grue is inside of you, Erin. That's how it keeps the nightmares going. It runs around your mind and finds more and more nightmares. Though sometimes it accidentally sets off a good dream but that is very rare." he side tracks.

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