10)♥I Love You ♥ Ⓡ

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"Dad! You can tell whatever you want about Justin! I'm not believing you! And i'm not going to be away from him, Because I love him! And i'm not ashamed of that!" You yell back at your dad. Your dad hates Justin. But, you and Justin have been in love for like 3 years. Your Dad wants you to break up with him, He locks you inside your room and goes away. 

You had stolen your Dad's Phone, because he took yours away. You called Justin. Justin picked up and said "Hello?" You said "Justin! It's me! (Your name) My dad locked me inside my room. We had that same quarrel. And he locked me. I need you now, Please, Help me!". Justin said "Damn it. I'm coming now. I'll get you baby, Don't panic. I'm coming for you." 

Justin came, and he was looking for you. But your dad locked everything. But Justin could see you through your  French window(Glass). You saw him and ran towards him. Both of you leaned onto the glass. You cried. He said "No, No, I'm getting you out!" He threw the shovel on the glass that your dad left in your garden. He broke the glass and said "Baby, come out!" You cried and Jumped onto him.

You both got into his car. Justin asked- "Baby, Leave with me. Now? I promise I'll take good care of you." You said- "Yes. Justin you're all I have now. I am going with you. Only YOU." You guys drove to Justin's house. You know, Your dad will come for you. Because it's not that he loves you as his daughter, because Justin is his enemy's son. But Justin's dad likes you. It's just that your dad doesn't. 

As soon as you reached home, Justin led you to his room. He said "How do you like it? We're gonna stay here together. There might be more rooms, but they're for guests, not for relatives like my future wife" You laughed and said "I love you, Wherever you are, I'll be with you. Even if it is heaven or hell."


I said "So, what are we gonna do now?". (Your name) said "Justin, My dad will be here. He'll definitely find me and take me away from you." She said, while she was crying. I said "That will happen only after I die, I'm not gonna let you go." She looked at me and said "Justin? If I ask you something, will you give it to me?". I said "Yes. Whatever it is, let me know." She took my hand and placed it on her cheek and said- "Will, you, Umm, Make love to me?" with tears beaming over her eyes. 

I was so shocked. I didn't understand why she would bring this up now. I'm not saying that I won't do it, I wanted to but, Time's not Okay now. Her dad's gonna be here any minute after he finds that she left. I said "Baby No. I'm not gonna do that. I can't hurt you. I can't.". She cried, She was upset. She said "Justin, Please, Please? I'm begging you. Do it!". I told her "Okay. Okay. Relax now.". She stopped crying and she rested on my arm.

She was lying down on my lap. She was playing with the buttons on my shirt, while she was thinking something hard. I had to take this opportunity, or this won't happen. I leaned in and kissed her softly. She understood, that what she wanted was about to happen. She immediately responded to my touch. I pushed her, so that she sits up straight. I kissed her, and kissed her deep every second. I slowly removed her top and her shorts. She wasn't naked. And I know she won't like it, and she's not comfortable with it.

I climbed on her, and kissed her. She was holding my shirt tightly. She was so focused, she forgot that i was wearing something. I helped her, by removing my shirt. I was still wearing my banian. I went near her ears and whispered "I won't touch inbetween your legs, unless you put my hand there" She just laid still. She didn't make a single noise. I had just been kissing various parts of her beautiful figure, until the second, She found my hand and put it inbetween her legs.

I was so stunned. She had been so soft until now. She didn't make huge moves. If I moved her head a little towards right, it stayed like that until i changed the direction. Only when looking at her, I found out that I wasn't still that small boy, who fell in puppy love. This was true love. I love her.

I could feel the heat radiating from her body at me. I quickly removed her panty and I was ready for this. I kept kissing her until she was panting. I quickly spread her legs apart and I pushed myself in. Once there, My full length was inside her. And it's first time for her. Tears were running down her cheeks. She was still holding my banian. She never moaned or even stifle a sigh. She kept quiet the whole time until now. I was getting in and out of her, when I understood it's actually "Paining" for her. She was getting warmer, and she was shivering. She never had her eyes dry from the minute i started. So, I distracted her by kissing her. I quickly entwined my hands with hers. Soon, I was done. I brought myself out of her, and I wore my shirt and pant. I told her "Open up beautiful, It's over." 

She opened her eyes, Put on her clothes and laid down on the bed. I quickly laid down beside her, hugging her from her back. I said "Baby, Did i hurt you? Because I saw you there, You weren't alright." She said "No, No. I'm Okay. I.., I.. was just so upset about everything. I'm not hurt. You healed me. You did." I knew she was lying. But, I decided not to tell anything more. I said "Baby, I promise It'll be better next time." She said "Justin I'm afraid there is no next time." Looking at my face and tears running down her cheeks. 

I sat up and pulled her up too, I asked her "What? I don't get it?!" And the answer came from her dad, Who was standing in front of us. He pulled her away from me. She screamed my name and asked for help. I pushed her dad away and tried to get her. He punched me in the face and kicked me in the gut. I was bleeding now. I still never cared. I fought back. Seconds later, (Y/n) fell down on the road, kicking her legs. She was having a fit. (Fits- Google it.) I pushed her dad away and held her in my arms and I took her to the hospital. I can't believe after everything, her dad just left. Never mind. I'm there for her. She got fits, because of too much of stress and sad. Which affects the brain.

The doctor said "Justin, I can't help it anymore. She's alive. But she isn't responding to our treatments. She is unconcious. She needs you. Get into the room and talk to her now, Because you don't know, Talking to her might work." I was completely broken and shattered. 

I went into the room. I looked at her. I didn't want her to die. I held her hand, sat beside her and said "(Y/n) you're all I have in the world. If you go, I won't have a reason to live. You need to come back for me. Don't let death break us apart. It's not yet over. Don't die like this, at a young age. You can die as an old woman with her grand children beside her. It's too early. I need you.Open your eyes, Cry and Scream loudly. Talk dirty. Let it all out." I said, As I broke down. 

Suddenly, I felt her hand move. It worked. She opened her eyes, and had tears rolling down her eyes. She said to me, In sign language- "I Won't Go without You." I was so touched. I told her "I love you baby." She said in the same sign language- "I Love You"

-------------------------------------End of POV----------------------------------------

After a week, You recovered and Justin took you home. You got married to Justin two months later.

- This imagine is related to "As Long As You Love Me" song by Justin Bieber. Hear the song now if you haven't heard it. Thank You! 

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