i opened the doors of my chambers trying not to make a sound. Alexandra was still asleep and i wanted to surprise her this morning. closing the door back i moved the draped which separated the room and placed the tray down before taking my wife's side and brushing some hair out of her face she stirred and smiled.

"what a lovely way to awaken"

"i would think so...." i stood up and picked up the tray "with breakfast in bed" she grins and sits up.

"how wonderful thank you Mordred" she kissed me and ate feeding me some of hers a points where there was a knock at the door.

"come in" the door opened and Gaius stepped through and closed it.

"good morning you majesties" he bowed "I've come to see how you are fairing after yesterday's events."

"i feel much better though finding I'm with child so early is a bit of a shock." she smiled

"understandable my lady but i must warn you that it is rare if not impossible for a fêtes to show magic this early most would show it in early childhood. with that said it must be control so something like yesterday won't happen again."

"yes thank you Gaius" he bowed again and left


i was told by Mordred to take more rest so i decide to do some sewing which consisted of Mordred's shirts which got ruined while he was training or fighting before i went on to embroidering. there was a knock on the door.

"enter" i continued looking out of the window till the footsteps came closer i knew it was Merlin.

"hello Merlin"

"i hear congratulations are in order" i stop and turn smiling

"thank you Merlin, come sit." he sat down but the look on his face turned grim "whatever is the matter Merlin." he sighed

"this morning when i was getting flowers i was stopped by a old woman she new or name and requested a meeting with us me, you and Mordred" he told me


"according to Gaius she is one of the Bendruy. not only that Gaius thinks she might be working with Morgana. i don't know what to think she could have information about Arthur but if she is in alliance with Morgana...."

"i understand. Merlin what do you think should happen"

"i think we should see her she might help us keep Arthur safe"  i nodded

"then we shall meet with her"


i sat in the restored council chambers i sat at the head with Mordred at my side and Merlin behind us i had requested Mordant be present as well as the council of magic. the doors opened and  a old woman was escorted in i nodded and the guards left.

"welcome what it your name?" i spoke

"Finna your majesty. do not get me wrong but i asked only to see yourself, your husband and Emrys"  she looked around.

"this is the benefit for those who believe your alliance lies with Morgana" i replied

"that is not true my allegiance to the crown you and your unborn child" i shifted uncomfortable.

"how do you know our real names" i changed the subject.

"From my master, Alator of the Catha. He sends you greetings, but also a warning. The great battle nears, the fate of Camelot rests in the balance. Only you, great Emrys and Emrysa, can ensure the great triumph of the Once and  Future King."

"Arthur?" she nodded

"there is more" i stated but she said nothing

"alone just the three of you" she stated i looked towards Mordred and he nodded then to Merlin who did the same.

"leave us" i ordered

"but your majesty...." one of the council started

"now" the bowed and filed out of the room all except Mordant

"that includes you brother" Mordred looked towards him he bowed and left with the others. when there was just the three of us  


" For hundreds of years the Catha have guarded their ancient knowledge. But now the time has come to pass it on to you, Emrys. For only you three can carry their hopes into the great battle itself."

"how do we do that?" Merlin asked Finna brought out a small box i stood up and went to take it from her.

"there is something else something Alator asked me to pass on. do not make the same mistake as he did do not trust the druid boy" i furrowed my eyebrows and turned to Mordred who joined me as sis Merlin.

"the druid boy but there is only me and my brother neither of us would hurt Arthur." Mordred stated.

"you your highness were destined to be Arthur's doom that has since changed and will be down to your brother. a time will come where your brother will betray you" she bowed and left we stood there dumb founded.

"Merlin go with her make sure she finds safe ground" he nodded and followed her.

"this is not possible i know it isn't Mordant would never hurt Arthur."

"i know that but there has to be something more too it all we can do is wait and see."


that night the bells rang out Finna had killed herself and Merlin was helped by Killgarah. i along with Mordred went to see what was happening and it lead us to Gaius' chambers where there was a knight dead.

 "Gaius?" Arthur questioned

"The disfigurement is not as a result of disease or infection. It's the result of powerful magic. In the old days it was a punishment known as raigaid, the ultimate warning from the high priestess to her enemies." he informed him

"Why was this knight chosen? What had he done?"

"He had done nothing, except be a knight of Camelot. It is a warning brother. A warning to the whole kingdom. Morgana has declared war." i told him we looked at the faceless knight and began preparations for his funeral.

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