Chapter 8

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Ems dropped her pencil case.

"You did what?" Her voice screeched in my ear and I cringed: people passing us in the halls turned round to see what she was screaming blue murder about.

"You had a boy over - no Kat, just let me speak-" I had opened my mouth to speak, but I closed it after her sharp retort.

"The same very hot, very interested-in-you guy that I saw on Friday. And not only did you not text me the moment you were alone with him, you did not call me the next day and tell me he slept over and you kissed him! "

Her voice had risen higher and higher throughout the speech. She took a deep breath and leant against the wall with her eyebrows raised, waiting, it seemed, for an explanation.

"I didn't... It wasn't..."

I struggled to find a thing to say.

"He's obviously been with a lot of girls," I had been thinking it over, and come to the conclusion that a boy as gorgeous as that could not have resisted all the girls that probably threw themselves at him. "So it wasn't a big deal for him. Plus, it was one time, Ems."

Ems was shaking her head.

"One time. It was one time, was it? That kid liked you, I know it!"

In spite of all my thoughts about Jay, my heart was still racing at Ems' words. He was gorgeous - it couldn't be true!

I picked up Ems' pencil case and passed it to her, picking up my bag. We walked out the door and dropped our bags by the corner, Ems steamrolling onwards through her little speech about Jay.

"You didn't see it; you don't. The girl never does! But as your best friend it's my job to tell you when you're being an airhead: and now is one of those times. Hey guys, ready to go?"

The rest of the girls were waiting for us. Jaja was tucking her hair behind her ears, eying a hot sixth year flirtatiously.

"Let's go." I stepped out in front of Ems, deliberately avoiding the rest of her lecture. " I can't wait to eat."

Jaja linked arms with me and chattered on about her geography project as we headed for the Fyris.

My heart jumped when I thought Jay might be working today.

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