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I grab the leather jacket the guys also got me and we head off the bus. I'm really excited to finally hear the guys perform. I've heard them messing around singing in the bus, but not full on at a show singing. I sneak up behind Andy and jump on his back.
"What the hell?" He quickly grabs my legs. "Why me?!?" He jokes.
"You're the tallest. I feel like a fucking giant now." I nonchalantly reply. The guys laugh and pretend to be giants as we walk to the stage. Andy puts me down and gets me a backstage pass. I follow them to the dressing room and wait while they get dressed. Andy opens the door and I go in.
"Can you help me with my war paint? The guys usually do it but they're being very touchy today. If you know what I mean." Andy asks. I nod and head over to the war paint he's set up. I smear my fingers in it and he tells me where to put it and how it should look. I slowly drag my fingers over his chest, making a line straight down. As my fingers near the waistband of his jeans, my breathing quickens along with my heartbeat. I quickly finish up and give him a smile.
"All done!" I say, proud of my work. The backstage manager comes in and tell them it's time, so they head off.

Andy's POV
As her fingers near my waistband, I notice her breathing getting faster. I try to hide my quickly falling and rising chest, but it doesn't work. Luckily, she doesn't notice. Jon comes in and tells us it's time to go on so I flash Mel a smile and head onstage. As I'm walking, C.C. pulls me aside.
"Dude. When are you gonna make a fucking move already? You two obviously like each other. Snap to it." He snaps his fingers in my face.
"First off, it isn't obvious. Second off, she doesn't like me so whatever." I try to walk again but he pulls me back.
"She does like you. First night she stayed here, she slept in your bed. I don't care if it was because of nightmares. You offered to let her sleep in your bed and she took it. Now I could list a million other things but we have to go onstage. So make a move soon or I will!" He lightly pushes me and runs to his drums. I grab my mike and head onstage.
"What's up motherfuckers?! We're gonna start off with one of the old songs. Now who wants to sing with some fallen angels?!" I yell and we start playing Fallen Angels.

Mel's POV
I'm dumbstruck. As soon as the guys start playing, there are cheers and screams. Most of the crowd is singing along but all I can hear is Andy's voice. It sounds amazing. I can't believe anyone could have this much talent. I find myself head banging and jumping along the whole concert. After the show Andy runs offstage and picks me up over his shoulders.
"Ah! Andy! Put me down!" I kick my legs and hit his back but he doesn't put me down.
"Melissa?" I hear someone call my name when we are close to the bus. Andy finally puts me down and I turn around. Standing there is someone I thought I'd never see again.
"BELLA!!!" I scream. I run over to her and hug her so hard that we fall to the ground laughing. "Oh my god! What are you doing here?" I ask, standing up and brushing myself off.
"What am I doing here? What are you doing here? I have a backstage pass to see my favorite band but girl I want your pass! I want to get picked up by Andy fucking Biersack!" We catch up and I tell her how I came to be on BVB's tour bus. Then I realize that I haven't introduced the guys to her.
"Oh yeah, Bella, meet Andy, Ashley, C.C., Jake, and Jinxx. Guys, meet Bella. She's my best friend like ever." Bella and I laugh.
"Wait. Bella? Like Bella Hathaway?" Ash asks.
"Yes..." She glances at me.
"Dude! It's me! Ashley Purdy! You know, went to high school together!"
"Oh my god!" Bella runs to him and gives him a giant hug. She leans back and gives him a huge smile. Ash surprises as all by leaning in and kissing her. She's obviously taken aback but quickly returns the kiss. They keep kissing until they're almost eating off each others faces.
"Woah woah woah, what's going on here?" I ask.
"Oh um, I used I have a huge crush on Ash and then we dated, but then he graduated and left me for three years alone in high school. Then of course he came back to town for a summer and we dated again before he left yet again. So yea..." Bella somewhat explains. I nod along with the rest of the band and just go with it. We head on to the bus and Andy grabs us all beers. I pop in my favorite movie and we just sit there. I keep glancing over and I see Bella and Ash all cuddly and shit. I look over at Andy and I'm hit with a sudden realization. I want to be that way with him. I know I've only known him for three almost four days, but honestly, I have never felt this way about anyone before, and I've been with a lot of guys. Well, there was this one guy. His name was Caleb. We dated all through high school and I was sure we were gonna date through college. But then he went to college in Rome so we had to break up. I wasn't dealing with no bullshit long distance crap. I haven't seen him since. I snap out of my trance when I hear the door opening. I see Bella leaving and get up.
"Bye girly." She says.
"Bye. It was soo good seeing you again. I hope that you come back to the bus a lot, even if it is only to hang out with Ash." I wink and give her a hug. She leaves and I go back to the bus.

Andy's POV
I don't even ask her. I just wait until she's dressed in my shirt and shorts, pick her up, and place her in my bed. She squeals but doesn't protest. We both drift off to sleep quickly. When I wake up we stop to fill up on gas. So I step outside and have a smoke. I get through about three cigarettes before I hear movement inside. I climb back in to find Mel wearing what she wore yesterday having cereal.
"When are we going shopping?" She asks.
"As soon as we reach a town with an amazing and totally fabulous mall of course!" I fake squeal. Mel rolls her eyes and throws her spoon at me. I laugh and head to the back to get changed.
About an hour later we reach a mall. Mel jumps up and down, obviously excited that she's gonna have clean clothes to wear.
"Keep your pants on, Mel. We'll be there soon." C.C. says as he comes out of the bathroom, flicking Melissa on the arm as he passes.
"Fuck off C.C. You'd be excited if I didn't keep my pants on." Melissa whacks C.C. on the head and goes to wait by the door. He nods in agreement. As soon as the bus rolls to a stop, we shuffle off. We must look like an odd group to everyone milling in and out of the mall. You have me, an average height blonde girl, and then a group of fucking giants with long black hair surrounding me. I laugh quietly to myself and head inside.

An hour later, we leave the mall with a couple different outfits to last me until laundry day. I thank the guys as we get back on the bus and go to put my clothes in the drawers of my bunk. On my bed I find a note. I open it quickly. I can tell that it's from Andy. I hang up the cartoon drawing of me and smile. I head back to the front to finish the night off with the guys, the happiest I've been in a long time.

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