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"Please no." the demon said while cowering away. The demon let out a blood curdling scream as I sliced through his body. His scream was cut short when he froze to stone, the pain forever placed on his face. A few seconds later I tapped the body and it crumbled to a million pieces. The pieces of demon flesh receded into the ground, going back to Hell.

I blew my hair away from my eyes as I sheathed my sword. I stretched my arms out wide. I could feel my blood pressure drop and my body went numb. For once it actually felt good after a long day of work.

The name's Caster. I'm the youngest demon hunter in my entire clan. I started demon hunting at the age of five. My mentor taught me all the rules and guidelines of being a demon hunter. To keep my cover of my training, I enrolled in many classes. I took karate, fencing, archery, horseback riding and many more. My family has yet to know that I live a second life. Living two lives can be a struggle sometimes, being an eighteen year old going to college and a demon hunter. I would work so many shifts in the night that I would fall asleep in class.

I turned on my heels and found a large pile of stones. I sighed in aggravation.

Figures it was this. What else would these lousy demons go after?

I picked one up and cracked it open. It looked like an ordinary rock on the outside but in the insides it was the most expensive mineral gemstone on the planet. It's one of the hardest minerals to find. The only ones who can ever find them are demons, angels and demon hunters. There are a few rarities that humans find them and use them as jewelry. To humans, they call it Midnight Lust, but the actual name was Demons dust. The mineral was a dark navy blue with different colors mixed in with it. At night the mineral colors would glow to make it look like a colorful starry night.

I gathered the rocks and put them in my pouch to return them to the clan. The clan makes sure that they are well protected. What the humans didn't know was that Midnight Lust was the most dangerous mineral gemstone.

The legend behind Midnight Lust is that Satan tried to overthrow Heaven. He wanted to rule Earth and to put the whole world in total chaos. In order to prevent that, God sent his Archangels to the battlefield. They stripped Satan of his power and scattered it around the world in the form of Midnight Lust. In the many years, weak Lucifer sends out his demons to find his powers. In return of finding it, the demon would get one wish. They say that some demons keep this mineral for themselves so they can have the power for their own. So it is our job as demon hunters to scour the Earth to gather these gems and give them to the Leader of all clans, which is Shadow Fang; my clan.

Shadow Fang seals away these rocks and puts them in a hidden chamber. Only two people know of its whereabouts.

I cracked my neck and rolled my shoulders. Tonight was a very long night.

"Maybe I'll take a rest at the bunker."

I gave the stones to my leader, Iago Fang. He gave me a sack of gold in return. I staggered my way to the bunker and collapsed on a cot. My eye lids felt like they were being clawed at. I was about to drift off to sleep when the bunker door slammed open. My eyes flew open and my gaze landed on my friend, Rodriguez and my mentor, Acharya.

"Come Caster, we have training to do." Acharya waved me out.

I pulled the pillow down, trying to block out his voice. Someone yanked my legs so I would fall out of bed.

"Come on boy we have a full day ahead of us." Acharya's voice was tame.

"Please Acharya, let me sleep. I have taken over Rodriguez's shifts for three days straight." I pleaded as I rubbed the back of my neck.

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