Chapter twelve:

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“I’m sorry, Draco.” Harry mumbled numbly, Draco brushed Harry’s tear away silently before replacing his arm around Harry’s waist; shuffling closer and sliding his head closer to Harry’s on the pillow so that their noses were nearly touching.

“It was my fault. Weasley may not be my favourite person in the world...but he’s yours, and I shouldn’t have tied him up.” Draco sighed, liberating himself from guilt and irritation. It felt good to talk to Harry again, to be this close to him; so close Draco could feel his warm breath against his skin.

“No, you were right. I should have defended you, and for what it’s worth; I was really glad Ron was tied up when he found out.” Harry smirked, bringing his hand up and resting it on Draco’s cheek; twirling a strand of hair around his finger.

“Wasn’t happy, huh?”

“He was hesitant as first but then got used to it and eventually said he was happy I’d come out. However I did an earful for loving you of all people.” Harry grinned, resting his hand down on Draco’s hip and closing his eyes tiredly.

“I love you too.” Draco murmured, Harry opened his eyes and stared into Draco’s and they both smiled gently. Draco closed the gap and gently gave Harry an Eskimo kiss before using his hand to part Harry’s lips slightly and kissing him, slipping his tongue in between Harry’s teeth. Closing his eyes, he pushed up slightly and rolled Harry onto his back, sliding his leg across and forcing himself up completely so his knees were on either side of Harry’s waist. Harry responded hungrily, widening his mouth and letting Draco slip his tongue down at far as he could. Harry’s tongue clashed with his, skimming over the top and twisting round the back. Draco would occasionally suck on Harry’s seductively, getting quick responses from Harry as he wedged his hands down the back of Draco’s trousers; massaging his ass roughly. Draco groaned as his cock stiffened, grinding against Harry’s.

“Draco,” whimpered Harry breathlessly; his mouth retreating from Draco’s. Draco wasn’t fazed though, he fastened his mouth to Harry’s neck; Harry moaned pleasurably. “What if Madam Pomfrey comes back?”

“She’ll understand.” Draco muttered in between kissing Harry’s chin roughly.

“How do you figure?” Harry breathed, amused and dangerously aroused; unconsciously thrusting his hips slightly. Draco stopped abruptly to answer Harry’s question.

“Because this will be like a clash between ‘make up sex’ and ‘thank God you’re not dead sex’. Which I think we can all agree will be pretty amazing sex, and it seems unfortunate to waste such passion.” Harry grinned widely at his love, disbelieving his incredibly well made up statement. “Are you worried?” Draco asked, pondering a different idea. Harry sighed, undecided if they should chance it.

“Yeah,” he mumbled. “I wish I wasn’t.” He frowned.

“Do you want to?” Draco asked, smirking; wiggling his eyebrows at Harry flirtatiously and Harry resumed his grin. How could he not grin at Draco when he was being so...Draco?

“You know I do.” Harry scoffed, Draco didn’t say anything else. He awkwardly shrugged Harry’s hands out of his trousers and climbed off of him. Harry was about to object but held his tongue as Draco held his hands out for his to grasp. He did so, allowing Draco to pull him up to his feet. He towed Harry away from the bed, grinning smugly as Harry followed; confused but trustingly. Draco turned and led Harry to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

Once inside, neither boy wasted any time. Draco backed Harry up against the closed door, passionately kissing his jaw line, travelling up to his ear and biting his lobe gently. Harry, adoring Draco’s heavy breathing in his ear, had nearly completed unbuttoning Draco’s shirt. Once severed, he clawed the material off Draco’s back; revealing Draco’s exquisite velvety toned chest. “You’re beautiful.” Harry whispered in awe at the sight.  Draco smiled and moved onto pecking Harry’s lips affectionately as he slipped Harry’s t-shirt up and over his head; pressing his chest to Harry’s and wrapping his arms around Harry’s neck. The boys started tongue twisting again, clashing their hips together in rhythm. Draco let this continue for a few minutes, enjoying the taste and texture of Harry’s mouth but he eventually pulled away and cascaded down Harry’s chest; kissing gently in a direct path down to Harry’s groin. Kneeling down and lowering so he was comfortably levelled with Harry’s bulge. Biting tenderly just below Harry’s belly button, Draco gradually unzipped Harry’s jeans and unfastened the button; purposely teasing Harry. Draco unhurriedly tugged Harry’s jeans down, holding back a laugh as Harry tried to shrug out of them impatiently. Patience, Harry.

Draco continued kissing along the rim of Harry’s briefs, tracing lightly on his hips and down over his ass and around to the inside of his thighs with his finger nails. Draco prolonged this until Harry was practically whining in anticipation and then slipped Harry’s underwear down; revealing only the top of his shaft. Draco nuzzled at it deliberately as Harry’s keenness enlarged his own erection. He panted irritably and pressed his crotch impatiently into Draco’s face, making him chuckle smugly. Accepting Harry was near taking matters into his own hands, Draco removed his briefs completely and guiding Harry’s penis towards his mouth; kissing the tip a few times to torment Harry a little more and then engulfing it completely triggering Harry to groan loudly.

Draco started off slow, sliding his head along the roof of his mouth; licking and swirling his tongue lightly whilst rocking Harry gently back and forth. Harry was quick to response to his, every ounce of him begging Draco to do it faster and roughly. Harry gripped Draco’s hair loosely, tightening his grip whenever his climax grew intense. Draco enthusiastically grazed Harry’s dick against his teeth softly and gently caressed his balls, lightly tugging and squeezing them or rolling them in the palm of his hand. He then moved onto his ass, grasping, squeezing and clawing at it tenderly; hoping to give Harry and mixture of sensations.

Eventually giving in to Harry’s body’s demands, Draco quickened his pace and depth; giving Harry the go ahead to thrust as much as he wanted which Harry advanced into doing almost immediately. His grunts and whimpers steadily progressing in frequency and volume until he gasped, his body tensed in the overpowering gush of his orgasm. Draco swallowed blissfully and trailed the edge of his nose back up Harry’s stomach till he was standing again; nuzzled into Harry’s neck.

“You are really something.” Harry breathed rigidly, his senses tingling in the aftermath of pleasure as his brain fizzed.

“I know.” Draco grinned. 

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