An Idol's Jealousy

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 “Are you sure you want to pull this off?” Meer questioned Iori with a somewhat cringed expression. “Why not? It's not like she'll die or anything.” Iori shot back instantly. Iori was set on making the seemingly perfect Reit falter and embarrassed in front of as many onlookers as possible, it did not have to be in front of everyone as rumors spread quickly in the world of divas. This was because Reit is currently the most popular idol in the industry while Meer and Iori were second and third respectively, jealousy possessed Iori and so, her plan to prank Reit and embarrass her began.

Iori quickly began constructing a plan in a petty little mind as she strut her way back home with poor little Meer, tottering behind as she tried to keep up with Iori's pace.

The moment Iori came home to her three-story Mansion, she slammed open the small gate by the side and stride across her garden before finally reaching the door to her house. In the meantime, Meer closed the gate and as always, tottered her way towards Iori. Iori and Meer were childhood friends ever since their parents brought them together and Iori was always like her elder sister, but as time progressed and they became amazing idols, Meer worked behind the scenes and was always cleaning up the mansion whenever she had spare time as Iori was much more busier than Meer with numerous projects she had to uptake.

“I wonder what those two are up to, leaving so suddenly, it's only 2 o'clock afternoon” Reit wondered, just seconds before she had to act for an advertisement which was requested by a world-famous company. She looked down at her shoes whilst fantasizing about Meer, who was so cute she wished she could hug her and never let go. “Reit, it's go time!” Reit snapped out of her fantasy and as always, maintained her top notch performance.

As the sun shone through the kitchen window and gave everyone who was lucky enough a glimpse of Meer's radiant smile as she hummed melodiously and made tea for herself and Iori. But as she was done with making tea, Meer's face suddenly dropped, she was still worried about the “revenge” plan Iori was trying to construct and execute. Meer stared into blank space as she plopped herself down the the chair, jaw tightened as she kept worrying about Iori.

“Ha ha ha! My master plan is now officially complete! I will ensure that she falls down on her next performance at the upcoming Music Live Festival!” Iori released a villainous laugh as she somersaulted from her cushion chair into her bed graciously. Not very long afterwards, Meer peered into Iori's room and said meekly, “Do you want some tea, Iori?” as she held on to the plate with much difficulty. Iori was sound asleep, clutching a piece of paper in hand, Meer placed the plate on Iori's table, left a note and left, closing the door gently.

As time ticked on, Iori was pacing around her living room, the Music Live Festival was tomorrow and she was wondering how she would be able to successfully execute her “master” plan. “I've got it!” Iori suddenly exclaimed, Meer merely stared at her, slightly confused and wonders if she has gone mad. Before Iori could go over her eureka moment, Meer tottered over and asked if she was alright. “I'm... fine?” Iori replied, slight confused at her question, Meer expressed a puppy face, as if expecting Iori to be out with what was on her mind. Iori carried Meer and hugged her, “Don't worry” she said, “Everything's fine.”

It was finally the day of the Music Live Festival, even though the concert area was gigantic, tickets were sold out and the people in the area were like sardines packed in a can. “How are you everyone!” Reit shouted into the microphone with her gentle voice, “The concert will begin shortly in five minutes!”, the crowd then went into a great applause. Iori clicked her tongue, “what's so amazing about her anyways, she's just greeting and doing an announcement...”. Reit paced quickly over to the backstage where Iori and Meer were waiting at. “Good job Reit!” Meer meekly spoke as she walked up to her. Reit smiled and picked her up and hugged her, “Good luck for the concert!” Reit gently spoke to her ear. “You too, Iori!”. Iori pretended not to listen and walked towards the toilet, once she was inside the processes of her evil plan began playing back in her mind.

Reit was up first to sing on stage, Iori was peeking from a corner, as Reit impressed the audience with her impressive angelic voice, Iori had made sure the lights would be shut in three... two... one...

Blackout had caused panic among the crowd, Reit was trying to calm everyone down and told them to stay put but as she had lost the ability of sight due to the darkness as it was night time, she tripped over a stray wire on the stage and fell backwards on the ground, harshly. The moment Reit's backbone came in contact with the hard wooden floor, disaster struck. The lights were finally switched on by event staff, Meer rushed over to the paralyzed Reit and tried to get her up on her feet, but by then, it was too late, Reit was paralyzed from head to toe. Meer, unknowing of this kept shaking Reit's doll-like body, tears dripping down from her face, “Please get up, Reit! The show must go on!”. The very moment Iori noticed this, it was too late, she fell to her knees in total regret, Meer was in tears which was what she had least expected...

“Is older sister Reit going to be okay?” Meer questioned, eyes red from tears as Iori and Meer waited outside the emergency room at a nearby hospital. The Music Live Festival had to be canceled due to the accident and will be held again at a later date, as Meer watched the disappointed fans leave, Meer wore a devastated face, she should have kept an eye on Iori, she knew something was going to happen, but she didn't think much of it, she trusted that nothing much would happen from Iori's prankas she said so. She realised that she shouldn't have trusted Iori, she should have followed her instinct and kept an eye on Iori.

The doctor popped his head out from the door of the emergency room, she surveyed the area and noticed Iori and Meer sitting outside. “Are you girls the patient's family or?”, “She's our friend.” Meer cut him off. “Well according to analysis reports she will be stuck in paralysis for a month, she'll have to take a really long break to heal her backbone as the nerves connecting to and from the bone has been severed... But after treatment she should be fine.”. Iori sighed in relief and pressed both hands to her face “Thank god...” she thought to herself.

It was the day after she was hospitalized that Iori and Meer made time to visit Reit in the hospital. “Which way is Reit's room? Our names are Iori and Meer, we are Reit's friends.” Meer questioned the nurse behind the counter when they entered the hospital. “Ah, yes, she has been expecting you two.” After some tapping sounds, the nurse spoke again “Room 39”.

Meer opened the door slowly and inserted her head to scan the area, and there Reit was, lying in bed, her eyes looking out the window. “Reit?” Meer softly called, “Meer! Iori! You two had come to visit me! I'm so happy!” Reit's bored face suddenly broke into a smile. “...” Iori was silent, “Reit! I'm glad you're okay...” Meer's face began to tear up again as she rushed towards her side and held her hand. Reit patted Meer's head and spoke gently “It's alright Meer, no need to cry.”.

Not very long afterwards, Meer slept peacefully, holding onto Reit's hand. Iori then stepped forward, “Reit?” Reit looked at Iori, still wearing a smile on her face, already predicting what she was about to say. “I'm sorry... I didn't think it'd turn out like this...” Iori looked down at her feet, a wave of regret suddenly washed upon her. “Come over for a little.” Reit asked. Iori dragged her feet till she was right beside her. Reit gave a soft knock on Iori's head “Bad girl, don't do it again okay?”, “But how?” a puzzled look could be seen on her face. “You're really easy to see through you know? Come here, let's bury the hatchet.” Tears flowed down Iori's guilt-ridden face as she hugged Reit, as if never wanting to let go.

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