I meet my long-lost enemy

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Chapter 3

Jason’s POV

*tring tring* The phone rings

“Master Jason, this is your 7am wake up call”

“ Thank you, Charles. I’ll be down in 10” I reply in a sleepy voice.

“Very good, sir. What do you want for breakfast?” Asks my too efficient butler

“the usual. Nothing at all”

“Very well, Sir” Charles replies with a sigh.

Ahhh, It’s monday. How I love mondays. My friends back home- I mean London used to call me crazy for loving the start of a new week. Am I crazy? Yes, possibly. But my mental state of my mind doesn’t concern you.

I walk to my onyx black bathroom and take a quick shower, ignoring the chill of the water. I get out and get dressed in my so called school uniform. What type of school has uniforms? Posh Upper East Side “academies”, that type.

I grab my bag and walk downstairs to the lobby of my mansion. I’m still not used to having a mansion and calling the waiting hall a lobby. Oh well, guess that’s the perks of being rich. Not to sound conceited or anything.

“ Charles, tell mom I said bye. And tell the driver that he has the day off, I’m driving.”

“But, wouldn’t you prefer to be driven to school, Sir?”

“No, I’m driving. It’ll help me think. And please stop calling me Sir” I say in an exasperated voice

“As you wish S- Jason”

I smile at my butler and take the keys to the Merce before heading out the door.

Oh yes, I've been waiting to drive this car ever since my dad bought it. A mercedes E series. Coolest car to hit the streets of New York.

“ okay, baby. Let’s see what you got” I get into the car and rev the engine. I will never stop loving the sound of engines.

I pull out of the driveway thinking about the first day I stepped into Candersa academy to talk to the principal.

“ Mr. Hammond, we are delighted to have such a excellent student like you at our prestigious school. You will find that our equipment is of high quality and our teaching staff is the best” Principal Guiney said with smile. Of course, you're happy with me being here, I think with amusement, My dad is the alumni afterall.

“ I hope you enjoy your days here” He continues

“Likewise, Mr. Guiney” I reply with a fake smile.

He gave me a tour of the school and showed me my locker before seeing me out the door with a greedy expression on his face. Probably thinking of the donations my dad gives to this school.

I smirk remembering that brief encounter with the queer gentleman. Atlast, I see the outline of the huge building that was to be my new school. It was magnificent not only in size but in beauty too. Yes, I am going to have fun this year.

I park the car in the parking space and get my things out of the back. I look at all the students arriving in properly worn uniforms and look down at my rolled-up sleeves, untucked shirt and loose tie version of the impeccable uniform, Not too shabby.

People started staring at me as I walk in with my fellow classmates. Most of the stares are coming from the girls. I’ve been expecting this. Okay, I know I’m good-looking, I’m sorry that’s an understatement. I know I look like a greek god. But do all the girls have to look like they’ll faint at the sight of me? Not that I don’t enjoy all the attention, But it’s really annoying sometimes.

I cooly walk to my locker and look around. There’s a girl taking things out of the locker next to mine. She’s pretty in the innocent and simple way. And I can bet she doesn't even know it.

I decide to pull what my friends called the “Hammond  maneuver”, where I lean on something and flex my biceps until the subject (in this case the girl) notices me. But the girl was oblivious to this, so I take a different approach to get her attention.

I smile and say “Hi”

The girl turns around and smiles before her eyes widen with horror. I turn around to see if there was anything behind me that could cause her horrified expression.

“Hammond???!!!” She exclaims

I look at her in disbelief. Only one person in the whole world calls me by my last name.

“Carter?!?! Bloody Hell, what are you doing here?” I say matching Hayley Carter’s shocked tone.

“I could ask you the same” She replies with a death glare that I knew so well.

Unbelievable. Hayley Carter, my childhood nemesis is in the same school as me?! There has to be a mistake.

“We moved back here a few weeks ago. And you still haven’t answered my question. What in the name of god are you doing here?”

“ If you must know, I attend this school” She replied coldly

“Still haven’t lost your smart- ass vocabulary have you?” I say half amused half annoyed.

“Are you still the attention seeking nitwit who loved being a momma’s boy?” She retorts

“At Least I don’t kiss up to every adult I meet”

Her face turned red. “I DO NOT!!!”, then she looked around I bet trying to assess if anyone else had heard her childish outburst. How I loved annoying her.

“Leave if you know what’s good for you” She said in a low voice.

“What are you gonna do hit me like when we were kids?”

“Precisely” Carter replied with an evil grin. She clobbered me on the head really really hard.

“Owww woman, has no one ever told you that violence is useless?” I say with a hurtful expression.

While we were bickering, neither of us noticed that the warning bell rang or that Principal Guiney was staring at us with a mad look on his face.

“ Ms. Carter I would never expect this kind of behaviour from the star student!”

Excuse me? Star Student? You have got to be kidding me. I give Carter a look that says ‘busted’

“ Mr. Hammond just because your new doesn’t mean you can start acting like a baboon with another student”

I feel my face pale, then redden. Baboon? Wasn’t this guy kissing up to me a few days ago?

“This kind of behavior will not be tolerated at this school, so you both will be serving detention with me after school.” He says curtly

“But-” starts Carter but Guiney cuts her off

“ No buts. Fortunately, you both have the same classes.Now get to class. ” He says with a air of finality

Carter gives me a glare mouthing the words ‘this is all your fault’ and turns around to stalk off to class. Unfortunately, I have to follow her to AP English.


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