My version of friends with benefits

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This story contains strong sexual content.

Readers are warned, you should be at least 15+ to read. It's not suitable for underage teenagers.



My names Alice winterson, I'm 16 at the moment, and in my junior year in Barrington high school.

I'm quite tall standing at 5'7", I have long burgundy hair, that stops just above my nice perky ass. Not being popular or a loner at school is the best, I don't attract much attention.

I'm currently living in London, I used to live in California when I was younger, but moved here just four years back, and I plan on living here for as long as my dad allows it; my life here is so much insteresting. I have a best friend and his name is Blake lee tanner, he's 18 and we've been friends since my second year living here, he changed my life in a good twisted way.

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