Sher'S POV:

once again im stuck at home waiting fro my boyfriend Ellington to get back and just spend some time with me. Lately he's been distant and I have no clue why. The fans want him and Rydel to get together while some of them want Kelly and him to get back together. They were cute together but he's mine now and I wouldn't change that. Suddenly, someone rushes in all annoyed and angry. It was him. Never liked it when he gets like this. Wonder what happened this time. This isn't the first time he got this angry, last time he wouldn't talk to me for days which made me think it was my fault. He resured me that it wasn't. I left alone to let him cool off and decided to go online and just search things. My laptop was broken so I used his. I stumbled upon something. Something I never thought I would see. Him and Kelly talking and saying I love you to each other. I didn't want to jump to conclusions but couldn't I. My boyfriend cheating on me. Corner of my eye, I saw someone's mop of hair. Ellington. What am i suppose to say?

" please tell me this isn't what im really seeing is it?" i asked him slowly and quietly

" see what, and why you on my laptop?" he questioned me rudely

" mine's broken and you always let me use it, now can you answer my question?"

" what you on about sher?" he said not even calling me by my nickname

" i found youu... and kellyy messagess aree youu cheatingg onn me??" i asked me tearfully

" this is why you don't use my things!" he shouted at me

I had enough of him and so i walked away getting my boots on. I didn't need him shouting at me and telling me I was in the wrong. I was almost out the door until I felt a strong grip in my arm. He had me tight and i couldn't move away from him.

" let go Ell!" i begged him

" no you dont walk away from me" he shouted back

" pleaseeee yourr hurtingg mee" i said tearfully

" stop crying!!!"

" how can i you cheated on me!" i shouted at him

All of sudden, I felt a sting on my cheek. A red, cold sting. Proably left a mark, it was that hard. Then I realised what just happened. The love of my life cheated and hit me. Two things I never thought that would ever want to happen. I looked at him and i wasn't looking at the guy who i fell in love with.

Ellington's POV:

what did I just do? I hit Sher. The girl who I love and wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I never meant to hurt her at all and there was nothing happening with me and Kelly. I was just deleting the messages, I guess i left it open. What am I going to do?. She hates me now and I don't blame her, all I do is nothing for her. I just wish I could turn back time and never let that happen. I got to find her but where would she be? I got into the car and searched and searched for her. The last place she could be is the in the field by the old barn. Finally reached the place and I was right she was there. She didn't look like she was good but I know it was my fault. Got out of the car and made my way slowly to her.

" Sher? Baby?" i said calmly she started to panic and freaking out. I went over to her and held her softly in my arms trying to calm her down. " please stay with me, I know i hurt you and i can explain everything, just stay with me sweetie. Never meant to make you cry" I said to her while she cried. The tear stains on her face needed to go away. I would never forgive myself for what have done. It was getting cold so i took her back to our home even though she refused. She started to calm down and i took a chance to hold her hand. She didn't move it so she still must like me. When we got home, she fell asleep. So i safely took her up to our room and laid her down, i laid down too and tried to make sleep take over. Till tommorow. Sher cuddled up to me and i held her tight. Im not going to lose this girl.


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