The show

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Hope waited at the gate for Holly to come back. When she walked up they were holding hands and she and Holly were the type they could read each others minds just by the looks they give. Holly gave Hope a smile and she knew that the day was just as good for Holly as it was for her. They walked over and Brantley told Holly he see her later. "I'll meet you after the show." Holly said "See you then sweet thang." Brantley said. Brantley went and joined Jason and his band. "So I take it your day has been as amazing as mine?" Hope said. "This day has been more then amazing." Holly said "That's great, mine has too, Jason is so sweet and we are meeting after the show." Hope said. "I'm meet Brantley after the show also." Holly said. "I'm also meeting Jason after the show, he stood up for me today." Hope said. "What happened?" Holly asked sounding concerned as a best friend usually does. "Well, me and Jason was walking and we ran into my ex and he started talking his crap and Jason told him to mind his own business." Hope said. "That's so sweet." Holly said. the girls headed to get there seats in front row.

Jason's POV

We were in the back doing sound check before we had to start the show but the only thing I could think about was that beautiful little lady that I spent the last few hours with. She was different from any one I've met and I've met a lot of people since starting this business. I defiantly wanted to see her a lot more after this and I didn't want it to end. I wanted to be friends and hope that it could spark into something more. July 4 was right around the corner and maybe I could see if she want to watch fireworks together with out sounding all cheese and desperate. Hope was a good type of different a special type of person. "Jason, are you ok?" Mike one of my band members asked. "Yea, thinking about the day." Jason said. "Well Brantley is getting ready to go on stage so you will be up in a bit." He told me. "Thanks." I said getting the last bit of songs in order to do tonight.

Hope's POV

Brantley was rocking out and Holly was enjoying it and so was I but my thoughts kept going back to Jason. how better could this night get? I spent the day with a handsome country singer one that melts all the girls hearts and he wants to see me after the show. I was scared he thought I was all about me and that I was just another crazy fan but I was wrong. he is the most sweetest cutest and amazing guy that I've spent the day with in a long time and what I'd do to make it last so much longer. I zoned back in as Brantley finished the song 'You Promised' and a few minutes later started his last song 'You Don't Know Her Like I Do' it was one of my favorite songs by him and I sang along I closed my eyes let the music take me to my special place. Brantley finished his last song and got off stage why Jason's band got his stuff ready. They came on the big speakers put your hands together from all the way from Macon, Georgia, Nashville, recording star Jason Aldean. the crowd went crazy. Jason walked on stage and his gorgeous eyes met mine and we smile. I blew him a kiss for good luck for the show. he stole the show but that wasn't a surprise. He did several of my favorite songs, some of the songs he did was, Good To GO, I Break everything I Touch, Why, The Truth, Laugh Til We Cried, Love Was Easy and more he also did some unreleased tracks too. He ended the show with 'Night Train' and when he went off stage we all yelled for an encore so both him and Brantley came out and did a version of 'Heaven' it was one of my favorite songs. When the show ended we waited for the track to clear before heading to meet the guys who were peaking around the corner before heading to the table to do autographs for about an hour.

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