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Do you know what happens when you assume too much? Well I'll give you a list of possibilities that could happen :

 -You lose your wallet 

-You lose your pen *It's very important especially  when it comes to students who don't do their homework and copy from their classmates the following day only to discover that they lost their pen* 

-You fail your exams

-You become a kidnapper *If you see yourself holding a comb against someones back and forcing them to stay quiet and follow you to a dark alley then Yes that counts as kidnapping*

-You end up falling for the wrong person

-And last not not the least You die! Okay I'm just messing with you you don't really die you just end up in the clinic  .

>Authors not-so-long message for the Dear readers<

Sorry guys I'm not really good with prologues or stuff like this.Yes I know it's weird well I am weird Hahaha so yeah I'm just a beginner in writing and this story just pop out of nowhere in my head (Maybe because I was just bored LOL) but hey no  harm in giving a shot right 

~Ps. I think the only decent thing on my prologue  is the sixth one. Hmmmm *thinking very hard* I don't know

~Pps. About the  potato cover it doesnt really have anything to do with the story. It was the only non-kpop-related picture that was saved  on my laptop. >.<  

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