The Quincux of a Heart (Freewood)

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"I swear to God, Ray. If I have to deal with another old woman with fifty coupons, I'm going to scream!" 

Gavin, a scrawny young man with tanned skin, a smooth British accent, and styled golden-brown hair, was leaned over his register, complaining to the shorter man at register six.

Ray adjusted his glasses, grinning. "At least you're having a better day than Michael." He gestured to register nine, where their curly-haired friend was red-faced as he juggled a rather rude-looking man and his four reckless and wild children, each of which were either attempting to climb on the conveyor belt or press buttons on the register. Gavin snorted, certain they'd hear his mouthful of curses later.

"Yes, but I just don't understand why nobody cute ever comes down this aisle. Even Michael got the number of that red-haired bird earlier." He sighed wistfully, resisting the urge to flop over his counter and lay on the floor.

"The tough life of a supermarket clerk." Ray said sarcastically, rolling his eyes as he turned to the teenage girl placing her items on the counter and smiled a warm greeting to her.

Gavin looked up at the lit number five above his head, flicking the switch a couple times to make it turn off and on quickly, wishing he could just leave it off. One more hour, he reminded himself.

"Is this register okay to use? Okay to use? Occupied? Open?" A deep voice spoke in quick succession and Gavin looked up to be met with bright blue eyes. He froze for a moment before grinning.

"Oh! Um, yes it's open. Sorry." He muttered and the older-looking man smirked as he began to place his items onto the belt slowly, lining them up perfectly and grouping them together.

"Perfectionist?" Gavin remarked and the older man flushed red. 

"You could say that." He mumbled and Gavin snickered. 

"Well, I'll try to swipe them in order then." He picked up a container of Red Bull, noticing there were five of them; there were five of quite a few items, actually.

"Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you." The man pressed a finger to his lips before muttering another thank you.

"Did you find everything...okay...?" He trailed off as the man suddenly reached over and began to flick the switch turning his light on and off with a rapid motion, his gaze focused on the floor as he did so. Gavin continued to scan the items, thoroughly confused as he did so.

"Um... it's cool, huh? I like to mess around with it sometimes, too. I don't think I've ever had a customer play with it though." He said, tone hinting that he should stop.

The man continued to do it several more times before withdrawing his hand and biting his lower lip with an embarrassed expression. "I... I just needed to do that." He shrugged as he handed over his credit card.

"Do whatever you need to, I guess." Gavin furrowed his brow as he swiped the card and handed it back. 

"I'm Ryan, anyways." He offered. "By the way." He corrected himself.

"Gavin." The young man held up his hand in a wave and Ryan grabbed it, holding it for several seconds. Gavin's face flushed as the older man let go and gathered up his bags, picking them up methodically. 

"Goodbye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye." Ryan turned to leave and Gavin watched as he approached the automatic doors, took ten steps backwards, five steps forwards, and five more backward steps before proceeding out.

"What in the bloody Hell?" Gavin questioned, turning back to Ray, who had been watching the event.

"That guy was fucking weird." Ray chuckled. "I guess register five has the worst luck after all."

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